Instructions for uploading your

Choose a file.
The will accommodate images 300 X 250 referred to as squares


image description must not contain any of the following characters

 ? ( ) & % + - @ # ^ * ; : " / > < ~ ` \ | [ }  

If the photo that you uploaded is not to your satisfaction, then use programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Windows Media or any other program available to you.

If you are not happy after posting your, please do not panic and call the fire department, the ambulance or the police, simply delete it and start all over again.

After posting your image, the computer will by default add a thin frame around the picture for decoration.


In the title box, the total character including spaces allowed is 60 letters or numbers; and even if you use small letters, the system will change them to uppercase characters by default. 
Type in that space your name or business name so the search engine will pick up that image.

In the image description box, you can include an explanation or short stories, Refrain from taking extra spaces since the computer will merge them all together in the final post.

The total amount of characters available is approximately 4 times the size of the text box. 

Refrain from placing a link with unrelated topics, specifically information of sexual, pornographic, illicit or hateful content. The system is monitored and if ads posted are in connection with the above subjects, it will be deleted automatically without reimbursement.

Website link, there is a simple explanation for the process.
Make certain that the Http:// appears there.

The location/Region box Allows you to select the continent that your image will appear in.

There are several categories related to your subject, try to find the appropriate one for you. Avoid posting ads in the wrong category, for instance, a viewer looking for auto parts will be annoyed to see ads about jewelry.

The system allowed ONE category per subject If post more than ONE the system will delete ALL automatically without reimbursement.

In a movie and stars category, you can only upload or redirect full movies [not trailer or ads of companies that sell movies], they will be deleted automatically without reimbursement. Testimony or comments on how good my car is or others similar, they will be deleted.

Your email address and personal info are only for internal purposes in case we want to contact you or to send you a newsletter.  It will NOT be posted to the public.


You should be happy that you posted your personal billboard.