A World Without Water

A World Without Water (Environmental Catastrophe Documentary)///// Kaitlin Hannah Its sad how we take the smallest things for granted, like water and food. For us its a simple few steps to the kitchen, but for these people, it can be over an hour and even then the water is dirty and contaminated with diseases. Bless these people, I hope they live a happy life despite the conditions they live in.//////////Lexine Bate I can't believe they cut your water supply off if you don't pay in the U.S. At least in The UK it's illegal to cut off someone's water supply even if you have never paid a water bill in your entire life../////// Havok Sosa I never drink water, I just drink sodas and juices. But watching this makes me feel guilty because I have water but don't drink it //////// sarawer This is SUPER outdated. Not the facts about the water problems, but using Bolivia specifically as an example. In 2005 there was a "war" over water, and now it is all public. I did undergrad research into the Water War and current Bolivian political structures./////////// Cassandra Roper Greed, Greed, and More Greed, Something the Lord Gave to the people, man thinks he owns./////////// chicky1785 I once asked a Person this question . What is the Most Valuable Mineral or Position on this Earth . The Person's replied Gold .I told the Person Water is .It's Water .Nothing and No Human can Live without WATER . The Water all Comes From GOD as a Gift to Us all . And For All To Share . Yet man Manipuates another to Pay for something that GOD GAVE TO All Of Us FREE Out of Love For us These Young Girls and Women are amazing Just how much Weight this carry on their Heads . I would never be able to do that .