DR-JENNIFER-LAVERS //// rechitsapivo I grew up in the USSR, we had no plastic bags when buying groceries. We had permanent totes, bags, etc. The bags we did have we washed, and washed, and washed again, so many times until they were completely unusable. Only then they would end up in the trash. No plastic bottles and all the bottles you buy were recyclable you would get quite a bit money back for taking it to the collection place. The nice part is that you'd rarely see any sort of mess around beaches, woods, that you see now that those countries have access to all the plastic. To be fair, USSR messed up the environment badly in other ways, but at least we had clean streets, woods, and beaches. ///// James Purcell I'm going to make a change in my life after seeing this video.//// Jeyoung Kyun I feel very sorry about the ocean. I think a human has a big responsibility. I am so disappointed at humans and myself. //// Raoul Radio Even more shocking when you think that all of this plastic was created starting only 60 years ago.//// lil Bitch We need to stop using plastics and start using things that are recyclable like paper bags! WE NEED TO HELP OUR PLANET AND KEEP IT CLEAN! HOPEFULLY, THEY WILL BANNED PEOPLE FROM USING ANYTHING THATS MADE FROM PLASTICS AND ONLY USE RECYCLABLE STUFF! ///// Anita C R Everyone must take responsibility for the destruction of our planet, blaming other countries will not help at all. If everyone stopped buying bottled water, food packed in plastic and bought only bulk food, without packaging, it would be a start to solve this very serious problem.//// Manoj s Time for Change: Shocking "plastic food kills Birds -- in all over the world" -- See this video: at See 3min:13s -- see shocking operation; 234 pieces of plastics in the ONE bird's stomach: (*) Record is: 276 pieces in one bird: OMG; alarming time to Change to non-plastic!! Ross Patzelt Amazing video. Down to the manufactures to stop making plastic and us doing our bit to stop using plastic. Amazing video.////// Charles Webster is Well done Jennifer for showing the pollution that needs addressing so urgently we have got act across the globe to deal with pollution and population growth.///// Pale Feather Valdez I see in the comments people are more concerned with the lady not wearing gloves than the fact that Plastic is a major issue here... Maybe a bunch of millennial generation here.