ANDRIA ZAFIRAKOU Global Teacher Prize 2018 ////////// deensthatgamer Well , she does deserve it, i was her student, for a couple of years, everything she says or they say about her , is 1000% fact ////////// Gk Thomas συγχαρητηρια,σε γνώρισα μέσα από αυτό το βιντεο τον λίγων λεπτών και νιώθω σαν να σε ξέρω μια ζωή ,σου ευχομε τα καλύτερα είσαι ένας θαυμάσιος άνθρωπος /////////// SUPREME - Well done Ms Zafirakou you are the best! You deserved it hope you win the 1m dollars btw I was in the video. She’s my favorite teacher. //////////// Phil Jamieson Man, you're a total powerhouse! It's such a shame that your amazing empathy and energy is what is required to make a city school safe and it's students prosper. That should just be the norm. Let's hope that engagement from people like you help our society to be better for everyone. These kids are extremely lucky to have a teacher like this. Nice one sister! ////////