California Dreaming

California Dreaming - The bankrupt Golden State ////////// vpro documentary Original title: California Dreaming California is a strong brand, the state of new beginnings, dreams and movie stars, of surfers and a wonderful climate. But the Golden State is bankrupt and the city of Los Angeles is running out of cash. Public services are being cut and unemployment keeps rising. At the same time, optimism, entrepreneurship and the belief in the power of America are stronger than ever. In Los Angeles, we meet five people who are going through a transformation in their lives during this crisis. Who are the pioneers who are reinventing the new America and how do they see the future? ////////// djguy100 I went to LA on holiday expecting a mix of baywatch babes and hollywood superstars with streets paved in gold. The reality is the complete opposite. LA is a dump ////////// Dusan Veselka Hang on a minute - the guy living on that blue-ish bus is (was) a software engineer and cannot find a job in California?////////// zeek man Why don't these people just move somewhere else. California is a total shithole.///////// kazuuka Richest state in the richest country in the world. Something seems so messed up it's like it's beyond repair! ////////// cashauer What do you expect from a socialist state that is a sanctuary state! When you run out of other people's money to find your pipe dreams all collapses /////////// CRenard77You know what they say right.The American dream is like any dream you have to be asleep to believe it.Well the California dream is different,you have to be on drugs to believe it.Bankrupt,education going down the drain,homeless people starting to appear everywhere in SoCal(once middle class)Hoards of illegal aliens turning Cali into Mexico.Anyone still dreaming the California dream has to be dead by now.//////// koneye There is a reason it's called "The American Dream", because you have to be asleep to believe it - George Carlin ////////// kazuuka Some of the scenes, mainly involving the RV settlements seem reminiscent of what you see in the film 'Grapes of Wrath' which was set during the Great Depression. Some of the scenes with people living in wagons and make shift tents were portrayed as being in California...Americans need to stop smiling and being blindly optimistic and get pissed off at someone already!!!/////////// Raul D´Empaire Very good Documentary, congratulations. I hope the situation for a least some of these people have improve. But is not only California, this is happening all over the Americas... and jobs are been outsourced to India and other countries wher people work as slaves./////////// evimlck Software Engineer? Electrician? It's scary when careers in demand are not in demand anymore. When the unemployment rate is at 8%, it isn't. It's more like 24%. Maybe higher.////////// Love is Fake this was during the financial crisis i think every part of the country was having the same experience not just california/////////// Randy Brindle California has become a real glad I left!!..////////// djguy100 America is finished. The elite have raped your country for all it is worth and left you impoverished peasants. Americans were to busy watching american idol and monday night football to realise that this is all being done by design. America was started by the rulers of the world as a great experiment..the experiment is now over./////////// Devorah Epstein Drug cartels are just operating there completely unhindered. If you are a parent with small children I strongly recommend you leave there and as soon as possible, it's not going to get any better //////// Anthony Kernich The San Andreas Fault needs to unzip her fury, thus creating jobs during the rebuild. Ronald Reagan would be turning in his grave right now.////////// Mario Milosevic And what is wrong with living in your van and in California? You have your own place, no shitty neighbours, no extra bills for flat, you can move arround, nice weather, you get more social interactions with others and stay away from phone/laptop, you spend time more efficiently, your children spend more time with you and get raised better......I mean it's a dream life of many. We are just trapped in system that we need more and more to be truly happy, actually is simple life the key./////////// christopher herrera Oh my GOD! I cant believe a firefighter has to ask for money. People should give to them more then others:who will spend their money on drugs and alcohol. But it should not be like that; where firefighters have to ask for money. That is very wrong,how can the state of California allow that,even for a day or a week.