100 Million Lose Their Homes

100 Million Chinese Lose Their Homes //////////// Snow Bird Any government who treat their people like this should build the city first and give them a place to go.///////////////// Rodox King what makes this worse is the fact that china has built 'ghost cities' beautiful cities with no one living in them because the people, especially these migrants cant afford it ./////////// Jenna Rose China is using bankrupt African countries to farm and send produce back to China. They will be the next colonizers of Africa. This could be the reason why they don't value their own farm workers anymore. Very sad! ////////////// EarlyTrail ET it's very sad communism, all those hundreds of millions of people have no choice, i wish they had democracy like the west here, it's so horrible to watch this domcumentary of all the unfairness going on in china /////////////// Tammy S Thank you for this great video.///////////// Master Chief What a depressing video ////////////// Mike Baca My heart breaks for these hard working families ///////////// sshutup urface why don't they turn the ghost cities into urban farms and make good use of all these people ///////////////// David Hynes Now China has 50+ ghost cities and here in Canada we cannot even find an apartment, unbelievable all about greed by the ccp. ///////////// charles williams The last problem you would think for a population of over 1.4 billion people would be a lack of actual people in cities. I wonder if any of the people who were displaced from their small cities received any kind of recompense for their move. //////////////// Sinead Ni Laoghaire I really feel for these farmers. They're such hard workers and yet the government dismisses the needs of millions of people in favour of business interests. ///////////// Steve L chinese are still evolving. only 20 years ago they were eating and sleeping on red dirt floor. now with money they think they are civilized. far from it. they are still animal like. i feel sorry for the minority who have no power nor money. they will be treated like animals by the elite. with 1 child policy the kids have no manners nor any sympathy . they are mostly all arrogant pricks./////////// Michael Laramie I pray for the People of china...I cannot believe free countries can trade with them and sleep at night. ////////////// tu suong The leaders of China are robbers. They robbed money , lands , personal value, and properties from the poor and Chinese. China government corrupt system wrongly to benefit themself.,; therefore, China leaders are so rich , having billions of dollars buying houses in the western countries , and deposit their money into western banks . They do not trust their own China banks.