America America Harvest of Shame

America America "Harvest of Shame" Watch the entire original broadcast of one of the most celebrated documentaries of all time, 1960's "Harvest of Shame," in which Edward R. Murrow exposed the plight of America's farmworkers.
John Hampton If you young people coming here as an assignment from school think that things are any better these days than they were back then, I'd invite you to come to Florida during the spring, and instead of going to Pensacola or Daytona Beach, go to Bradenton where Tropicana still has a labor camp where orange pickers live 6 months out of the year. Or to the tomato fields in Ruskin, where the conditions are still Exactly the same. Then remember those places when you grow into adulthood, please. Peace.

Karon Last  So glad to have watched this as I have seen references to this doc for a long time. For me, it seems an extension of the Jim Crow era. I had to keep reminding myself that historically not even Civil rights had passed yet. Amazingly the children seemed so bright & beyond their years while so many of the men in suits were pompous old white men hunched over sucking cigarettes babbling like idiots. It is still shameful, sadly.

Nii Sarpei Hornsby Most of us will comment but very few will note and care to say that this is about the evil called "free-market capitalism". When private business owners insist that central or federal governments stay outta their business yet are more than willing to take advantage of the transport facilitation, security, and the financial havens of the same government, there is a problem.

Hells Bay I remember the stories of my family living this life in the depression. They picked tomatoes in coastal Darien, Ga in the heat of summer. All the kids picked as well. Except for the baby. Which they left locked in a room alone with food and milk. A scary situation I could never imagine doing to my kids. But you never know what you will do to survive. Until you have to do it to survive. You see these same patterns all these years later. A woman or couple unable to fend for themselves. With a house full of six or more kids. That one 29-year-old lady said she FOURTEEN!

SwagBoy123 Swag Speaking for my grandmother ... She was born in Indiantown Florida where her parents met on the migrant farms there in the early '50s. The documentary was everything she'd heard about as a child and some things she remembered. She wrote the book "The Season" by Hilda Bridget Turner and when she saw this doc much later it was all that she remembers and heard about. This was the time that her parents were still working on these farms. She felt that it was confirmation to run across this documentary. Her book is very heartbreaking, it is a true story of her life. Please read it.

Munchie944 All lobbyists should be given one year to find a new job. At the end of that year if they have not found employment in any other capacity then they need to be incarcerated immediately and spend their remaining days profiting private prisons here in America.

Deneen Jeffries, I couldn't believe the lady worked all of those hours... and only got $1. If she put her babies in the daycare, she would have made 15 cents. I know it was 1960, but damn!

SITARAM RUDRAPATTANA Thank the migrant workers for their sacrifice. Heartbreaking to see the migrant worker's plight. Is the hopeless condition any better?


Judy Osborne Being a child of the sixties I never realized just how lucky I was. Being I would have been very young I guess I would not have been aware of these types of issues, but I certainly feel very blessed as the youngest of five children.
This video makes me want to know more regarding these issues, especially during the 60's era.

Charlotte Fairchild Are any of them happy? I didn't see anyone who was happy. Is the teacher talking about the children so they can hear? The comparison to clothing and food is not fair or honest. Sect. Larry Mitchell does not show any caring. Where are the strikes now? Phillip Morris was the sponsor. They used migrant workers and still may use them. Conflict of interest?

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Zimuahaha This is why birth control needs to be free and easily accessible. So many people are trapped like this; even these days.

Bruh Man AMERICA IS A CRIMINAL! THE UNITED STATES FLAG IS A DIRTY, FILTHY RAG, FULL OF BLOOD, LIES, DECEIT, AND FILTH! My country is of thee, sweet land of tyranny, of thee I sing!

Charles Thompson God bless our precious brothers and sisters that had to endure such horror!! I love history, but I don't know how long, that I must pay!! for something, I did not do!! My great-great-grandfather fought in the Civil War, for the South, and then he turned and fought for the north the rest of the war!! he was considered a turncoat, and was burnt out of his home!! I can only hope he turned because of moral reasons. And love!! God bless you, my brothers and sisters!!

Chloe Wilson How horrible. First time learning about the migrant workers and their treatment. I don't even think they were considered human and even the worst conditions were good enough for them. The Jews think they were hard-pressed but they never lived a nightmare like this. The children smiled they knew no better but I don't think one adult was smiling.