1900 no Income Tax?

Did you hear in 1900 no Income Tax?////// Wanetta Renay the elephant electrocution was not to kill a rouge elephant, it was an attempt by Edison to trash Tesla's efforts to champion his own form of electrical currenc ///// sexxyperv They created this documentary without doing basic research. Any middle school child could tell you that Henry Ford did not introduce mass production and the only revolutionary thing Thomas Edison did was steal other people's ideas and take the credit for himself. Yeah, these new technologies came flooding from his New Jersey parlor; only because that's where he'd fill out the patents with his name. Lying bastard. ////// Eddie Da Silva black people that lived through this era are better off then the blacks that live on the welfare state today. segregation was the best thing that ever happened to blacks because they had to relay on themselves not the state and as a result black business did better and the family structure was much stronger. ///// Kyee71 Just outstanding, what a wonderful informative documentary, I learnt a lot, thanks for taking the time to upload it, much appreciated!. ///// Lang Jones Shouldn't this video have been entitled "America in the early 1900s"? ////// tomas reily white english where bastard towards black people who never wanted to come as slaves into usa but stolen chained and brought all the way from their african homeland .most of these where english greedy english from germanic breeds and all shit from germany italy and so on i nd many felt for the blacks the people responsible for thekilling of thee poor blacks need to be taken to court .remember whites have no right in usa its indian land and stolen by brite germans and more .usa is a sin pit i hate them and hopesome day they get their arse kicked like in vietnam.usa is not as great as once the world is getting on par with them and thats good remember 9/11 many can happen againand if so usa watch out /////// Kelvin Kersey no income tax in 1900? maybe not in the USA/ In the UK we had it since 1800 ///// Theodore Jenczewski The film makes immigration into NYC from Europe look just horrible. Trust me, my grandparents thought it was "heaven" compared to Poland under the Czars. ////// Bob Yo Bob henry ford was a friend of hitler and had racist nazi amerikkkan values ///// talk2me9ja This types of narratives also help keep the perpetuation of racism by whites and continuing economic strangulation of black people going so that every generation of whites think it is okay to keep black people down and that is how they can achieve in live. This is a Zionists strategy. They never include contribution of black people in Music, building rail roads, theater sports in documentaries such as this. SLVERY WAS NOT THE ONLY LIVE OF BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA EVEN IN THE LATE 1900 AND EARLY 20TH CENTURY. EVEN WHEN BLACK PEOPLE WERRE BEING SEGREGATED THEY WERE STILL DEVELOPING AND ENGAGING IN ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES WHICH HAVE BEEN DESTROYED TODAY. ///// macroevolve These immigrants were what made the country, not the ones of today who want government assistance, and to live on American tax dollars < that is what really energizes the anti-illegal immigration people.