Australian Aboriginal tribes.

The-Men-of-Fifth-World-Planet Full Documentary In this documentary we know the culture of Australian Aboriginal tribes ///// Paula Fordham Excellent, I really enjoyed learning !!! What a wonderful culture!! I respect the original people of this great land!!!/////// Talldark Stranger we are the ones missing out, the lifestyle this tribe and others around the world is fantastic truly good wholesome and clearly in tune with our beautiful planet../////// yousufj56 I noticed that they were wearing clothing that could not have been hand made. Were they given to them by outsiders? Also, the axe they used was clearly not made by them.////// Junaid khan Wherever White people go they fuck everything up /////// Peace Bwithyou My ancestors, the white devil killed most of them and took away their livelihood ////// paul cuthbert nice to watch but so sad to read the racism comments towards each other..retards get a life /////// Steelcitychick To me Aboriginal people are equated to the aboriginal people of the USA. ..Two absolutely beautiful cultures, destroyed by White Europeans. In both countries, the aboriginals are third class citizens! It's sickening how they've been discarded, for the well being of White Europeans! Both have legacy that transcends time, but the Europeans have destroyed both cultures, for the betterment of their own! Honestly , White people do nothing but concur and destroy and spread their sexualiaity transmitted diseases. History is proof of that! ////// Maryam Rouf Really, very nice the documentary about the real life of the aboriginal people from Australia, that they want to preserve their culture and identity, but with advanced society they are losing every day their identity. ///// Carterhill4 I feel blessed to have found this channel! So much history and ways of life and living! Thank you, for the work, research and telling of these stories. Bless everyone involved with these documentaries and for the willingness of the people of these lands to show how they live, sharing their art and tool making and survival in some of the harshest parts of our earth. I was moved to tears, laughed out loud and from my tiny spot of the planet earth, so far, far away felt a kinship with these people.///// jonathan Rachid I loved the documentary,it is common to all indigenous to have such love,belief and respect towards themselves and nature...The first thing in most genocide in recent history comes with a "white boy" discovering something in people's land...coton,petrole,gold,...It is sad to know the way they were murdered...But thanks for the documentary /////// Nicollo Malik Lavelle atleast these guy dont worry about Monthly rents, Loan payments ,Getting a job, Getting a car, Driving to your Job and earning money to pay for the car. I would say that these guys live a lavish lifestyle in their own way better than I do. /////// Taylor Sewart I love the culture! I am currently doing a project on aboriginals and I have to say, they are amazing. We treated them so bad. They speak so many languages also////// That's Not Me It has been a really really long time since I last watched such an amazing documentarie this is awesome I really respect these human beings I love their culture and how they are connected with earth, I love their clear way of thinking and seeing world and each other they see each other as how they are no judging or nothing such an amazing culture! I pray to god that this culture these people stays around until the end they deserve the right of earth. Amazing just Amazing!!!.