Dairy Farmers of Canada

Mia & Morton Dairy Farmers of Canada. Mia always knew she wanted to be a cheese-maker like her dad—only, she wanted to make cheese in her own creative way.///////// Tad JosB After reading some of these comments, I wonder why people try to find the bad in everything. I thought this was a sweet video, but some of the comments say that it's "propaganda". Must be fun watching movies with you lol //////// Dameethyl Triptwthme DAIRY INCREASES THE CHANCE FOR BREAST CANCER BY 45%.///////// Alex St Mick - Gaming -They should show when a baby calf gets taken away from his mom crying after birth, and then them pumping the milk out of the mom cow's tied up body. It would be more realistic and educational about the cruelty of the dairy industry./////////Ryan Lacroix Glad to see all the people calling out the dairy industry for their horrid treatment of innocent animals, false advertising, misinformation on the affects of dairy on bones, and being indifferent to he effect of animal agriculture on climate change. Cheese isn't worth the planet, lives and suffering of innocent animals, or our health. Go vegan.///////// Sunshine Gaming Very nice. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything. Keep your negative opinions to yourself/////////"Promise Ring"I love this commercial. Well done Dairy Farmers of Canada! I want to write a song for you. Dairy farmers are very important! ///////Esther Harms I am suddenly very hungry for cheese.