The American Military is in Trouble: MacGregor

The American Military is in Trouble: MacGregor
siblis20 Who wants to sign up and fight for a country that isn’t even supported by our own government
Vegas Love Forever As a prior service member this is totally unacceptable. I'm actually disgusted
Thomas Smestead After watching the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, what young person in their right mind would allow themselves to be recruited? Young folks aren't stupid, and watching our government leave Americans twisting in the wind in this debacle, reinforces their distaste for woke policies in the services, or entering our military services.
Corey Just got off active duty in July, I can tell you that the military is bleeding troops. Rampant toxic leadership and low morale, poor dining and living facilities, poor medical personnel that ignores troops ailments and conditions for the sake of mission "readiness" (atleast in the Army), its all forcing troops to want to leave to pursue better lives. Youd be disgusted if you heard about how many active duty troops commit suicide every year. Id say just under half of the total force didnt want to get the vaccine but was forced to or they would get kicked out of service (atleast thats what the number was at my base). The recent ad campaigns and Afghanistan are making recruiters jobs very difficult to replace those leaving, I got reached out to by the local recruitment office to help them recruit because they apparently haven't met their quota in over 6 months. Doesn't help that the military's mindset is taking a more progressive turn instead of recognizing what its job and mission actually is and who the vast majority of the people willing to do that mission actually are, its focusing its resources on appealing minority groups of society (not talking about skin color here). They cant find new people to replace all the ones leaving and in about 5 to 10 years numbers are gonna be in the red if things dont change.
Rebecca Walkup It is a scary thought, the military is more worried over "woke polices" than our enemies./////// Sue Dolbow So sad to see,our country is going down the drain. Heartbreaking.
THE AUTIST I'm a USN VET. 1970-1976 and this is nothing that new. We we're treated like 2nd class citizens by the left in congress, the left in msm, and the leftwing citizens. We were weak then but still got the job done. The U.S. military didn't lose the Viet Nam war, the liberal congress did. To this day and beyond, I neither forgive nor forget. God bless our brave 58000 men and woman, may they rest in peace.
Rajan Chahal I’m currently in the Army, and I’ve found it to be so toxic, I’m getting out after just two years, its just not worth serving.
ron brock the military is going to shrink. why would you join up if you know you can be court-martialed for not taking the Jab? they can ruin your life over your rights of choice.
Marcus Aetius General MacGregor is one of the best senior officers in recent history and that is why both Democrat and Republican governments will have nothing to do with him. They want “yes men”
Emjay The U.S. has never been weaker and the enemy stronger than ever before. WOKE is the worse thing to happen to this country.
ricksta Certain countries are watching us saying "it's just a matter of time until America falls and we take it" . Scary but you know it's true.
Hate Dims I left at 19 years, I couldn’t physically do it any more, plus my last deployment to iraq showed me we were not trying to win. So I left, even after being offered non-deployment status to re-up. I just said no.
Jason Garcia I did 13 yrs Iraq, Afghan, med discharge. No way, would I give my life for this country the way it is now.
J M And if McGregor knows it, so does the Chinese and Russians
Jose Ortega This is all by design. The forces that hate the USA including the swamp want America to be destroyed.
Placebo As a prior service member, I'm happy we are are scaling down our military and bringing our troops home. We're not the worlds police. We've tried and failed. Stop funding all these wars and use those trillions of dollars back home, mainly helping veterans with mental health issues.
Chastity Embryo I would never willingly return to the service of such a wicked organization!
George Kelso I was in the Army during Vietnam and I’m telling you that training in boot camp and AIT was mostly a joke. I spit shined combat boots I spent a lot of time dressing for a footlocker inspections I spent valuable time shining the inside of trash cans etc.
Troy Breedlove The military couldn't even win a war in 20 year's in Afghanistan with the most advanced military equipment in the world. / BB "We're" putting ourselves in this situation...disgusting. Yeshua is coming soon
Reynaldo Enriquez American Military are now hostages in their own country.
Dan Gerous After Afghanistan. No one's joining.
Tater Tot Nothing says we have a strong military than allowing transgenders and pregnant women serving. Stunning and Brave
John Gordon In today's day and age the military is just an embarrassment
Rusty Shackleford As a Marine, I can say America is not combat effective. We spent 20 years fighting cavemen in sandals and man dresses. Against China ground troops? Annihilated.
A. F. It's clear they are trying to collapse the nation from the inside. Do yourself a favor and worry about you and your own family, this country is focked. All you can do now is prepare for the chaos that is coming when society completely collapses.
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