Biden picks campaign donors as US Ambassadors 
Sonja Marx I've never heard of country where ambassadors doesn't have to have the skills needed to fulfil the role. Experience in diplomacy, knowledge of the country, its culture and people, the economy, trade and, last but not least, the military situation. Unbelievable!
Gianfranco Benetti-Longhini Corruption exists in every country wherever humans are involved. The main reason being that honest persons are normally too involved in trying to make a living by their efforts, not by deceit. In Italy there is a saying that could sum it up in a simple way ....... "If your are useless in everything, become a politician" ....... It is persons like these, that are the culprits of "kick-backs".They expect to have control for recommendations with their influence with dishonest businesses. MERIT goes out of the window, magistrates are bought, and so on to fill pages.
ᴅᴇᴇɴᴇ ᴅᴇᴄᴏᴅᴇ The Pakistan Army has travelled down the strategy lane, commencing with a martial pride and hubris, which made them believe that they were the best fighting army of the world. And with Islamisation of the force, they believed that god himself had sanctioned their victory, both, in life and death. Being ‘offensive’ was Pakistan’s way of life — the hubris led to gross miscalculations, bringing a number of humiliating defeats, and slowly the knowledge that their fighting machine was not as efficient as they thought it was. The emotion of humiliation brings negative behaviour and unethical forms of warfare, one of them is resorting to terrorism. Today, Pakistan is unsure of the defence of its territory and is cultivating religious mercenaries with barbaric values to achieve an unattainable goal. The Pakistan Army has, time and again, led its people to humiliation but manages to retain power over them— by depriving them of education and keeping them religiously caged.
Kush Kinky Lmao George Tsunis if you're gonna cheat the system at least do your homework. He reminds me of me when I haven't prepared for an exam
Srinivas I see some of the things which China doing is reasonable. Those who study in private schools , are the favorite ones to crack the exams, but what is not fair is , students who are poorer , who can not afford private tuition or study or coaching , how could they compete with the students who have better preparation due to money. Our IIT exams are best examples. The fair system is you provide equal training to all students in this country and ask them to compete.
Susan Blood Report on farmers in China is good, but can't help wondering about farmers in India? It's my understanding farmers in India were horribly exploited by Monsanto & others. Largest mass suicide in history???? That's what I had heard. Was very disappointing when soon after President Trump's visit there were massive demonstrations showing farmers and others are not happy with Indian government? What's going on with that. It would seem Gravitas or someone in comments could give info? Or is Gravatas like US media that won't report negatives on their own country?