China Rising

China Rising – delves into Chinese President Xi Jinping’s mission to topple the United States and become the world’s greatest superpower.
Alan J The Australian government has a lot to answer for this, partially allowing CCP owned companies to buy Australian land, lease Australian infrastructure and buy Australian businesses.
Hisnameis IAM This is what happens when your government doesn't fear their people.
Fernando Alonso So many Americans have no clue what is happening outside of their doorstep yet alone around the world. What a great piece and thank you for sharing this, and I hope America wakes up to the danger we are in.
Lewin Lotoya Don't be fooled people, when a company is failing they do not advertise it.
winter is coming I like the joke when chinise troops invade and land in Australia they look around and say " we already own all this
Richard Parker I feel like I'm living a nightmare that never ends.
N Sudatta-Roy The irony here, in a lot of this communication, is that Australia is doing the same to its people.
cold water But does Australia have Gender Neutral bathrooms like here in the USA? That is what really matters.
Justin Wright If China stops buying a commodity from Australia, won't they buy it from somewhere else? Won't this create a shortage somewhere else for Australia to fill?
Freely Speaking Thank you Sky News for keeping the comments open.
Tamil Share We (Australians) are very lazy to look around the world to do the business. we settled with China itself. Now it is hurting.
Bashkacade channel "Australian government will protect me"kkk, you lost me, mate Australian government cant help its self...
Dom Cali I don't blame the Chinese, I blame the bastards who sold us to them.
Hans Weissmann Yeah well, Australia just goes to the Coocoo land with the coocoo PM Mo Ron Son….
Popong Omac Western world in their efforts to tame China was fallen into the trap that they made. now they suffered the consequences of their doing. America is about to become a third world country
Anthony R My god, the Australian politicians sucking up to Jinping was some of the most cringe worthy I have ever seen. Embarrassing.
Rebecca Downey Australia is like an abused wife returning home to her abusive husband
Shera Deletic I'm learning Mandarin right now. It's pretty easy.
fenixfp40 It seems to me that Australians have more to fear from their own government.
Suavecito Thanks for this video Sky News Australia. Supporting China from Mexico!
Roger Newman Be warned when you deal with the Dragon you will get burnt.
Hossein Hosseini Free aus, can , usa from anglo saxon christian.. Give back the land to the real owner.
Yossi Beneliezer China set a love trap and Australia stepped in with both feet. Now China wants Australia to dance like a good bear.
LAO JI I love China!peaceful land.
Ullanor Von Krieger I love to see all of these "politicians" falling all over themselves to lick Xi Jinping's shoes.
Allen Australian media at its best, being pathetic.
Concerned Citizen At first I read ‘Xi Jinping’s era of Biden time is over’
flyingbearing And what has Australia done and is still doing to the Native people in Australia?

174,000 Australians are leaving Australia between 2020 and 2022!?
Australian expats refused freedom of travel.
We are saying goodbye to Van Life and leaving Australia...