What Did Germans Know About the Death Camps


What did the German people know of the concentration camps in Eastern Europe during World War II?
This video talks more about the German perspective on WW2.
How did Germans experience the Second World War?
What was the German point of view on WWII?
In this video you will learn to what extent the German public was aware of the death camps in the east and to what extent the Germans knew about what happened to the Jewish people.
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Daniel Hammersley Superb synopsis of the thorny issue of "What did the people of Germany Know, & when did they know it?" Thank you Professor! Great video, Sir.
Jonathan Gat Stefan, you handled a hard subject with care and focus. Well done. This type of video really shouldn't be demonetized.
Mark Witt Excellent video Stefan. You certainly do not disappoint with your thoughtful presentation on a most difficult subject. Thank you for keeping the truth out in the open where it belongs.
Otis freeman Really compelling, very sad, stark realization of the evil of extremism. Excellent as usual Stefan. Thanks and cheers. And yes NEVER forget history!
Home 203 Glad there are still people like you Prof. that will not let us forget what happened in that God awful war! Thank you Prof.
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This documentary that takes us through a visit to the infamous concentration camp set up by Hitler's Nazi's to take part in the Jewish holocaust.
A tragic tale of violence and certainly the best documentary about Auschwitz and its horrors during WWII.
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Regarding the subjects of WW II, Hitler, Nazis, German occupations, Concentration Camps, gas chambers, elimination of the Jews, Polish, Gypsies and related topics, there are endless websites claiming authority and writing or portraying events shifting away from reality.

I have chosen to highlight this topic in such a way so that the average reader or viewer will have a clear picture of the Holocaust and the events direct from "the horse's mouth" which in this instance are the survivors of this terrible period in History and as long as I am alive I will maintain this website so that the new generation will learn and maybe, possibly, never allow such an event to happen again.

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