AIDS depth documentary covering the history and science

An in depth documentary covering the history and science of AIDS.
Kimberley Liesch I have a very good friend who was diagnosed in the mid 80's. His doctor told him to quit his job, liquidate his assets and make a will because he will be dead in a year. In 2021 my friend is still alive, healthy and is a marathon runner. BTW his doctor died.
William freytes - cheverez I tested positive in '92 at the age of 17, I'm alive and kicking. Ha
Anonymous Adult I had surgery in 1991... the doctor advised that I store my own blood at the hospital before the surgery... that way, they could transfuse my own blood, if needed, during surgery... my doctor was very concerned about “bad blood” at the blood banks... I am so thankful for his forethought
Tammy Goulet Schrader it's heartbreaking to think that people who contracted AIDS were treated like leprosy like some kind of rejects. all alone.
Candy Coated Cyanide No one should become rich on the misery of others
Kristine Smart One of the BEST DOCS EVER!!!! Please watch all 3 hours! Best thing you can do on a long, rainy or snowy Sunday. Makes you grateful for this huge kind world!
Paulie Now I thought that I had read every book and watched every film/documentary on this topic.I was wrong..his was SUPERB! As a gay hemophiliac living through this era it was a nightmare! My parents had 4 boys all of us had Hemophilia A. During this time, my parents were heartbroken and in total denial. My poor Mom She stopped watching TV and reading the newspapers. In 1985, my doctor advised me to take the first generation HIV test. When I met with him, he said."You know that it is going to be Positive.You need to be prepared." I was devastated. I couldn't tell my Mom. That evening I met with my partner..and we cried for hours. I was convinced that he would leave me. He didn't....(We would be together for almost 40 years.) It would be almost 10 days before we got the results. The test result showed that I was Negative. My doctor was baffled. He insisted that I retake the test..Again the wait..Again the same result..Negative. Despite using the same infected blood products, I had not become infected. Neither had my 3 brothers. I wouldn't learn the reason why until the mid 1990's. At an annual appointment, my Hemophilia nurse took Ray and I aside. She had to tell us something. I'll never forget that meeting. She told us that my brothers and I had a genetic mutation.the CCR5-delta 32 mutation. It rendered us totally immune to an HIV infection. The virus could not infect our T-Cells. My brothers and I were homozygous for this mutation.. This meant that my parents each carried one half of this mutation. They transmitted the complete (homozygous) trait to their sons providing full immunity. The odds for this happening I can't even imagine. My Mom would pass knowing her boys were safe. From that fateful day, I have lived my life in a manner to show my eternal gratitude.
AllBLKEveryting Such a fabulous documentary. My mom was a nurse in the late 80s and early to mid 90s, and I remember this period of time so well... she read almost anything she could get her hands on about HIV/ AIDS to better educate people, especially when we found out her brother was HIV+. She got so burned out from watching patients die and often sitting with them in their last moments because their friends and families were too scared to visit. I remember too many nights where my mom would get home from work and just cry. I can't watch this and not think about some of the parallels back then with HIV/ AIDS and COVID now... it doesn't appear that the some of people who are in positions of leadership in this country right now have learned from the past.
Rebecca Nokes Attacking families with children who have haemophilia is absolutely beyond disgusting and for President Reagan to turn his back on those who contracted and developed this horrific disease is unforgivable. Ignorance is definitely not bliss! RIP to all the victims of AIDS and positivity and strength for those living with HIV.
Nicole Saylor My grandma had a neighbor who's son had AIDS. He ended up having to move back home. His mother was so terrified of catching AIDS she obsessively cleaned the house with bleach. She died from burning up her lungs because of the bleach. I still find the sick irony of the situation. Education is key.
Jason Ullerich This is bar none the best and most thorough documentary on the AIDS crisis. Thank you for sharing this.
Susan K. Watching this now during Covid, makes you realize what fear does. We need to be very careful not to have repeats of this. Elsa Diamond One thing I take from this documentary is that there is always someone at each corner who is going to fight for what is right. Evil is strong but good will always prevail.
Jackie Dorman We lost a family member to aids. He died at 29. Wish he had the drugs they have now so he would still be with us. I miss him.
Sir Smiles Light foot I luv how Uganda and Thailand focused in on teaching their people how 2 protect themselves and actual facts about HIV/AIDS! Maybe if Reagan wouldn't have been afraid 2 say the word and focused on knocking down the stigma of the disease people from the US wouldn't have faced such hard times when kids r getting kicked out of school BC their parents and teachers didn't know facts about transmission of the disease! Cu dos Uganda and Thailand!!!!!
Michael McConnell I'm gay and lived in San Francisco, Seattle and NYC and know a lot of people who died of AIDS. Around 40, I guess. I'm.55 and my age group and older got hit hard by AIDS. It is horrible. Lost people I really loved and miss. Somehow, I'm negative.
Mia Williams This video should be shown on TV today as a teaching tool for the younger generation.of this terrible disease and how it devastated the world.Thank BILLBOARDORG FOR POSTING
Charlie Charlton Excellent documentary. I took care of some AIDS patients. It shocked me how much they resembled cadavers, how many parents abandoned them in their suffering and the emotional terror they shared. Broke my heart.
pretty bullet I started working as a nurse in 1983 and there was a big problem later on with people refusing to care for AIDS patients but the CEO of the hospital put a stop to it. We were told that any staff member who refused to care for patient's with AIDS would be fired immediately.
Latasha Bryant My sister died of full blown aids at 24 yrs old in 2010. I watched her suffer and waste away, she was a skeleton and was in pain every day. Rip Cierra love Tasha
Megan Elizabeth That poor woman at around 14:00 she said “where do you go when you have no home? Who do you go to when you need help? You have nobody! I have nobody!” And I felt that I couldn’t imagine having this disease when I was homeless and had no one I could trust. I pray that if she is still alive that she found help and recovered from both drugs and is managing her HIV well. God bless all of these people I can only imagine how terrifying and horrible this disease would be.
Known_Terrestrial So heartbreaking. I am so glad that we have come a long way towards removing the stigma and finding a cure. HIV/AIDS is no longer a guaranteed death sentence. God, I can’t imagine the terror of living through this in a high risk population.
Aaron Moberly This is sad, i had no idea how in depth this was. I sadly was blind to most of this. I'm sorry to all those that suffer.
Maria Tapanes as i am watching this, tears come to my eyes. so much fear and ignorance about AIDS....i lost many friends, including my cousin back in 1989. Yet his parents refused to acknowledge that he had AIDS, and his father said...I'D RATHER HAVE HIM DIE, THAN TO KNOW MY SON IS A FAGGOT....Karma came cousin passed away on Fathers' day in 1989!!! #RIP cuzzo
Squishy Plums This is a great documentary. THANK BILLBOARDORG FOR POSTING
Christina Reeves It's so sad what the early victims had to go through.
David Linx Amazing and necessary documentary! Thank you!
FemBot I am so glad we have learned better and are much more educated about this now. What people had to go through was horrific. I can understand why people were afraid and lashed out (people still do this all the time) and it’s sad.
Edwin Gamarro I don't know how many times I've watched this doc, 50 60 times. It is the story of human beings are hostile to the truth, science and history are intertwined forever.