Eleni Katsoulis


Eleni Katsoulis 2020 Annual Grant Awards -To view more extended interviews from Greek and Orthodox organizations in Chicago,
please visit The Hellenic Foundation's mission is to fund the development and support of programs and projects benefiting the Greek American and Orthodox Christian communities in the Chicagoland area.
The Hellenic Foundation has evolved from directly providing social services to a resource that can better assist individuals and families in our community by identifying and collaborating with qualified social service organizations and City and State agencies that provide programs that specifically address their needs with properly trained and experience staff. In addition to servicing the senior Greek population through its Community Care Program, Hellenic Foundation has become a benevolent Foundation. In 2016, the Hellenic Foundation initiated a Grant Program to assist projects, programs and organizations that service the needs of the Greek and Orthodox community of the Greater Chicago area by providing the resources and support they may need to succeed.

The Hellenic Foundation is a unique organization. Nationally, there no other Orthodox Metropolis or city that has an organization with the Mission and funding to support projects, programs and organizations serving their specific communities. Through its ability to collaborate with like-minded foundations and philanthropists. The Hellenic Foundation has created the opportunity for significant change in the Chicagoland area.
The purpose of providing Senior In-Home Services is to maintain, strengthen and safeguarding the functioning of individuals in their own homes in accordance with an authorized Plan of Care. This means that Homecare Aide service helps older people continue to live in their own homes, helping them with some of the tasks they can no longer do for themselves.

2nd Vice-President, Eleni Katsoulis shares her story about joining the Hellenic Bar Association of Illinois and how she and 75 dedicated volunteers have helped 200 Greek families through Hel.LAS, a pro-bono legal clinic. Read Eleni's story here: http://bit.ly/2sX35cS