Amber Galloway Gallego This is an interpretation of RAP GOD my first attempt, I do not own the rights to the song but I do own the interpretation. Still working on some of the kinks but here is my first try....///////// ArtAlli Wow. And people don't realize she not only has to sign the appropriate words, but also pick the correct slang for the situation, with the right facial expressions and annunciation, and try to fit a completely different language to the same speed and approximate beat. That is not just an interpreter. She's an artist.//////// Ace Decker I became half deaf 3 years ago and I’ve learned sign language and so I turned off the volume to watch this and I can assure you this is pretty accurate //////// Drew I am a CODA and can confirm this is really impressive and she's definitely got years of experience as an interpreter //////// John Wick I WOULD NEVER take away from this lady's skills and ability to do this... if i had her skills i would of tried to combine this lady, with the talent with the guy from the "Drummer is at the wrong gig" video with this song and slayed it! ////////// Harsh King XLI Damn she dances pretty good. I know it's ASL interpreter. Thank God she's not in Naruto universe she would be a totally unbeatable./////////// Lily Ayala Did anyone just come hear to see how good she is going to be at the fast part of was that just me ////////// Matt Moves Finally someone who can translate for us Italian audience! Thank you for your service milady! /////////StarSoup 4my Butterbean I’m pretty fluent in Spanish and still I can’t just translate a rap, especially this one live anD keep up aND make calculated movements and facial expressions? holy shit this interpreter is amazing