Jane Zhang All of Me


Jane Zhang - All of Me
Ary Rocha Extraordinário, quanta perfeição apaixonei não existe nenhuma outra versão desta canção que se iguale a essa
Cleide Vitorino Da Silva Emocionante! Voz, postura,timbre, que mistério essa cantora tem com essas conexões quânticas! Bravo,bravo,gratidão, gratidão
swedish girl She's singing with so much emotion, i can really feel it, unlike with other mainstream singers
Xiao Q still watching it in 2020. watched so many versions, still thinking she is the best with perfect performance and emotions.
Brian Lester One of the finest vocal performances I've ever heard.
Spanic A usurpadora I'm crying, my God.She's beautiful. Amazing.
tbh1dk A beautiful song performed by a very beautiful lady with a very beautiful voice....this is magic
Greg Lowe OMG!! I don't know how many times I have watched and listened to this video. An amazing song, sung perfectly. There are tears every time I watch it. I will never be able to listen to anyone else sing this again. A beautiful song, sung with so much passion. I love you Jane Zhang
John Evers I get chills in a good way when she sings this song.
John Pirie Absolutely amazing such a beautiful voice it makes me cry hearing this song and others but you as well Thank you
zztony Such an amazing voice from a beautiful talented woman at the age of 34 and she's got a whole career ahead of her.
Alyssa Mata The man in the front row looks like he's about ready to give up everything and settle down with her
Hima Regmi This gives me goosebumps
WaiChung Fu I have heard many versions of this song including from the original artist John Legend. Well, it is very rare to say her version is better and has more emotions than the original. Well Done, What a star.
Rich Bender Incredible Dear Jane Zhang...you made this into the perfect song. We love you Jane. Rich & Angel- San Francisco