POKING THE DRAGON Why is China punishing Australia

The human impact of the trade war

William Loh At least now Australian lobsters would live a long and fruitful life!
C Fui shiu USA picked up all the trade that the Australian government missed out on.
Freedom 0017 It doesn't take a genius to figure out that, "You don't bite the hand that feeds you!".
Frank Yapp Australians must remember that no one is forced to trade with China. It's free trade. Hence I think Australia going to the international court to settle this matter would be futile.
Robert lee It is expected when you keep kicking your biggest client for several years, and surprisingly Aust did not diversify or find new customers! Stupid
J W This story tells us “if you want an enemy, you will have an enemy”.
Tommy boss No. It was wrong. Australia was punishing herself.
Die die Beef from Australia is now very cheap in Singapore. I have never seen Australian beef that cheap since I moved here in 2007.
Yue Yue It's really sad to see those farmers and hard-working people say "it's out of our control" when things go bad. I just hope the Australian government knows what they are doing and helping those people first, not just sit there poking the dragon.///////