Palki-Sharma The Supply chain crisis

Palki-Sharma The Supply chain crisis Are stores near you running out of supplies? Are your deliveries being delayed? Who is to blame for it? Over-dependence on China has triggered a supply chain crisis. Palki Sharma tells you how it started, how it's going, and what's the way out.
Susan Smith reports facts, explains details as they should be, and doesn't waste time or insult a person's intelligence with some lame opinion. That is how reporting should be! I am impressed with her truth.
Nc Jagadeesh Jagadeesh This woman give worlds information at a tip of a toung that any illiterate can also understand great modem 
ABDUL DAINKEH I can't stop listening to palki. She is just very good.
David Pearcy This reporter is awesome, why aren’t there more of them like this lady. We need more of this and keep these reports coming to
Sam This woman is a true breath of fresh air. She tells it like it is, and doesn't hold back. Keep up the great work Palki
MrZinoh I own a Logistics company and everything word she said is absolutely true!! Excellent work is very simple to be understood by people It's a time that we have to build our own manufacturing business here in the USA
Dana Peck, I live in rural Washington State USA, and find myself turning to WION as my primary news and analysis provider. Impressive content, thanks!
Panayotis Damianakis Well, that was a refreshing concise explanation from an extremely intelligent and delightful host. Why this woman is not an international sensation is beyond me? If not the best in the business, she's right up there. No wonder India keeps her to themselves, in order to be 'self-reliant' with commanding news reporting. Well done!
Deniese Kline - Thatcher So glad someone plainly honestly and professionally shares The World News Thank You!
Gabrielle Aumont Brilliant reporting. A great way of explaining the various terms. Thank you!
R T, This is the clearest and precise explanation I've watched. The news in America sucks. This is amazing reporting
Gary Kellogg "Don't be the U.S. and run out of ketchup" that's hilarious
Careful Consumer This lady rocks! Her reports are spot on.
Fernando Nuno Gonçalves Thank you WION, for keeping me informed. You are improving each day.
Lab Nine “ Don’t be like the US and run out of ketchup!” Mic drop! I had such a good laugh on that so nice and perfect.
Gary Ille, You do a great job presenting world news, news that can affect our freedom, health, and economy. Your voice is clear and business-like. Every sentence is packed with information. Your business attire is beautiful, as you are. Thank you.
B Jobby Now we learned a lesson that no country can depend on another beyond a certain extent!
Random musings Well, we are not used to such a simple and elegant presentation of news with facts.
Ravi Kumar Medicharla is The best anchor...who gives the right news all time
Seneida Santiago I'm glad I came across this channel! It's sad that I have to get on YouTube to try to find out what's really going media does not give you the breakdown of this crisis like she did. Thank you!! Now I know and I've learned a lot!!!
Life Rocks Very rightly said "Over-dependence" is always dangerous, need alternatives.
David B. III I love this woman and how she delivers the information. Crazy how I have to get my information from other sources because I can't trust the news here in the US.
C King "What global supply chain needs is reliability...". "World had not invested in alternatives." "Self-reliance." Lessons the US government & Corporations have forgotten!!!
Spy Editz Your voice is just amazing
Bill Faulkner, I appreciate WION! Thank you for sharing unbiased news reporting and explaining in less than 10 minutes what CNN would never report to the U.S,
Gladys Alicea Palki, the supply chain crisis quickly brought the past to my mind. When I was a kid in the US, we made most of our products in our factories. There was no such thing as dependence on China or many others. We were quite prosperous then, but then came outsourcing customer service call centers to India, high-tech and greedy companies gasping for ridiculous profits. Today, all we manufacture here are weapons, and even those need chips, etc from other countries. Besides shortages, my main concern is war with China. What happens to supply chains then and in the future? How can the US be so flagrantly casual about such a prospect, when so much is at stake? When did greed itself become a product? I know I’m all over the map but know you understand what I’m saying. Finally, thank you for your wonderfully informative, factual, and comprehensive reporting. WION is my new favorite channel of reality.
Yummy Sushi She clearly knows what she is saying. Great job
Curt Coller, This is so interesting to watch and very educational to listen to! You are amazing.
Aayush Mishra Keep it up Wion for raising the standards of journalism by breaking the conventional methods of journalism. This is what journalism should look like. Kudos to your team
Wallace Liechty Now, this is what "news" should be, figures, history, analysis . . . Good work WION!
Keith Johnson, I like this News Lady! She is very smart in telling us the news. Keep up the good work sweetheart.
Sundaresan Thiagarajan So proud of you Ms. Palki. Keep up the good work. God bless you
Pragya Bansal, I loved the last sentence-“ Be an India and learn to be self-reliant don’t be an America and run out of Ketchup “