FAMILY-AFFAIR-THEN-AND-NOW-2021 Imagine you’re enjoying the single life, taking things at your own leisurely pace, when all of a sudden, 3 children fall into your Manhattan bachelor pad and you now have to be a responsible parent.. Surely there will be some hiccups, and America watched those sweet learning experiences for 5 seasons in the late ‘60s. It was so successful that they attempted a reboot of the same name in 2002. But Even though the original brought joy and comfort to many households, the surviving members of the cast believe deeply in The Family Affair Curse, which caused great misfortune. I’m your host Nostalgic Nick and today we’re checking out this unconventional family and seeing what they’ve been up to since the show ended. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up as it helps our channel out a bunch, and subscribe so you never miss an episode! Let’s go revisit with a true bachelor./////////// Kent Anderson Annisa Jones wasn't allowed to grow up on the show, unlike her twin. She was 13/14 when the show was canceled. That would never be allowed today. Johnny Whitaker overcame addiction and now is an advocate for protecting child actors. In the 90s, he hosted a series of specials with former child actors and talked about their experiences.////////// Kevin Healey Brian Keith joined the Marines and saw action as a gunner on a Dauntless plane in WW2. People in the know said he was just being himself when he was playing Bill Davis. Johnny Whitaker has been clean for 21 years and is a role model. He's working in the industry. Kathy Garver has been married since 1981 o Dick Travis and they had two children. She continues to work in the industry. Anissa Jones, in her teens after the show, did not like it at all when people recognized her. When people would refer to her as Buffy, she would ask them to call her Anissa. Brian Keith, upon hearing about her troubles, tried to help her out by tapping his connections in the industry to get her work but she declined the offers. He went so far as to offer her a role on The Brian Keith Show (1972–1974). He told her it's her's for the taking and there's no need to audition. She declined. Her family home life was dysfunctional. She got a large payout at age 18 from all the work she did as a child actress. About a million dollars in today's money. She spent everything in about 4 months and later died.//////////////Jon Mason While I enjoy these nostalgic looks, and they are appreciated, however, you do a lot of incomplete research and mispronunciation. Johnny Whitaker was in an acclaimed Emmy-winning Christmas tv special for Hallmark with Connie Stevens entitled The Littlest Angel. Brian Kieth made one of his last, if not, THE last appearance on Star Trek Voyager as a Bajoran. Your mispronunciations drive me up a wall sometimes. For example Giles. The G is as in George. Oh, I'm sorry, I confused you. You probably read that name as Gee-or-gee or just Gee-org! /////////// Mike Slater Brian Keith did not work with twins in The Parent Trap. Both roles of the twin sisters were played by Hayley Mills. Along with the mispronunciation of the first name of Mr. French, which is easily researchable information, and the fact that Buffy had one twin sibling and not siblings, just another error for this person who obviously does not research his material very well. ///////// Elizabeth Flowe He, also, appeared with Maureen O'Hara and Jimmy Stewart in "The Rare Breed"./////////