Beware of Bank Closures and Credit Cards Getting Cut Off


The bank system is at a precarious point. There are so many branches closing and we are not getting notified. Your credit arts are in danger of being cut off even if they are paid off
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Michael Bolanos My wife worked at a bank for 15 years. They fired her so they didn’t have to give her retirement benefits. Her bank and many others are shutting branches in NJ anyway because they want to get rid of labor and go online and do ATM banking. There is no shortage of labor. There is a shortage in banks' willingness to hire humans. I live in the same town as Ocean Fist headquarters. They are closing branches as they finish a new service center down the street. They will most likely move people from closed branches to the new building
Brent Braten You know, Dan, if you really want to get people’s attention as to how serious this banking thing is you might want to do a video on how a worldwide bank closure would impact the food supply. I know most people don’t think in these terms because they are more interested in entertainment and their toys but when there is no food on the table (I haven’t eaten in a restaurant in years) none of the other stuff matters.
Charles E. Wilson Dan, Bank’s pay their tellers $10-12 an hour and there’s no overtime! Plus they want a college degree to count money and deal with irate customers with NSF fees. You can deliver pizzas or Uber eats for more money.
kelly bellizio Thank you for covering Bank issues!!! Watch you daily and appreciate beyond words your wisdom and hard work researching. Love how you say to prep for the oncoming crisis..with cargo ships..on..being a nurse..there's a huge shortage of us..esp in the local sector..even nurses are quitting like flies sad to see our systems your content!! Thank you.
Jessica My bank teller said she wants to quit so she can homeschool her children because the school in California has become so Disturbed greener pastures California is a beautiful state. I love the sceneries, but you'll never see me there.
p Scott Went to my bank,b of a yesterday. Closed. The note on the door said opening today. Been closed for a week. ATM only giving out 20 dollar bills. Can only take 600.00 out a day. Checks are held for a least three business days before you can make any money out for them. Glad you are letting people know to be careful, plan ahead, think what would you do if... God bless you, have a terrific day, and keep preparing people for the coming disasters. Pam