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Honey - Soul Food (5977 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1E8 .
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If you’ve happened to stumble across drool-worthy TikTok videos of a new Mississauga restaurant offering fried chicken sandwiches, wings, and macaroni or brisket, chances are you’re looking at Chanee Dowdie’s creations.
Dowdie, the owner of the newly opened Honey Soul Food restaurant, is taking the local food scene by storm by serving up plentiful Southern-comfort-style menu items. Located at 5977 Dixie Rd. amid a sea of pizza, sushi, and steak eateries, Honey Soul Food sticks out for its authentic Southern flare dishes and bright orange sign, something Dowdie prides herself on.
“We do Southern-comfort food, we do infusions with a lot of Cajun, cayenne, a lot of Crown Royale and Jack Daniels, we infuse that all in,” said the 27-year-old. Customer-favorite dishes include shrimp or wings, loaded mac, and cheese pasta (five cheese with bacon, chicken, and tomatoes), cornbread, fried chicken sandwiches, and brisket meals.
Their chicken sandwich consists of a crunchy chicken thigh, marinated for 24 hours, which Downie says helps “lock in the flavor,” topped with sweet pickles, homemade jerk mayo, and creamy coleslaw with purple cabbage.
Downie also serves up a vegetarian lasagna, smash burgers and fries, and the Cajun sailor — a battered fish sandwich on a brioche bun. As a vegetarian behind a meat-heavy menu, Dowdie’s had to enlist her friends to act as “guinea pigs” to make sure her dishes delivered on flavor, spice, and bite..
“It was maybe a solid five, six months of just research — I thought of what would be good soul food and put it on the menu.”
She guesses roughly that she’s made 40 different variations of the brisket before landing on a perfect cooking process and flavor profile.
“I originally started smoking the brisket, but then I realized I couldn’t smoke things to save my life so, then we went with braised brisket,” she said.
The end result is a juicy, fall-off-the-bone, pulled pork-style brisket meal or snack. 
The Southern flair even extends to Dowdie’s drinks, including a thirst-quenching, iced, hibiscus, merlot sweet tea, and a tropical white tea made with orange, peach, and mango.
In the short time since Honey first opened its doors, it hasn't been unusual to see lines of hungry customers wrapped around the perimeter of the restaurant, especially during weekends. There’s also a good chance those waiting in line will be sharing their meals on social media, bringing in new customers each time. 
Although not a chef or restaurateur herself, Dowdie leaned into her business education to open up shop during COVID-19, which she said wasn’t too terribly hard, aside from city matters.
“I’m not a trained chef, I only have the management skills. I went to school for business, but I love cooking and I love playing around with stuff like that.”
Beyond delicious food and drinks, Dowdie wants the best for her employees, often hiring chefs with goals of attending culinary school — or new grads who have yet to gain experience.
“I’m not starting a restaurant just to have a restaurant. I want to provide people with opportunities,” she said.