sinicize Muslim ethnic groups.

First Quran App, Now Mosque Domes Targeted By Xi Jinping In China's Sinicization Push
China has ordered the removal of Islamic-style structures from mosques under its ‘sinicization’ campaign.
Authorities in China are reportedly removing the domes and minarets from thousands of mosques across the country.
Chinese authorities are taking down overtly Islamic architecture as part of a push to sinicize Muslim ethnic groups.

The Dongguan Mosque, the largest in China’s Qinghai province lost the green domes that once crowned it. In September,
Beijing remodeled the Mosque with Buddhist symbols and replaced the green dome with a flat roof.

Poki Propaganda Pakistani celebrations didn't last long and this time spoiled by their iron bro china
Sagar Jadhav The powerful can do anything and no one will dare to question them head-on, that's why Power is important.
Mr Simple Pak & Iran & Turkey: No, we don't see anything, I saw nothing you saw nothing
PRATHAMESH G PRABHU Islamic Countries acting as if this didn't happen
R Srihari Good move china, that is the way to handle pieces fully correctly.
Shashank Desai And all the so-called Islamic Countries will remain silent in this matter. But interested in our Kashmir matter
Dodger I applaud China for this respect. Wish the UK would do the same,
Robert Hoyt Once Christmas comes, I expect Santa to put the entire Chinese government (including Xi Jinping) on the naughty list FOR LIFE!
Wai Phyo Xi is the one who dares to breakdown large Buddhist statue and Mosque
Cyber It's time more people realize that Islam is an Arabic religion and should not belong to the Turkic people or Indo-Aryan people. The native religion of Indo-Aryan is Hinduism.
VO# I agree with china in such measures as tackling peace and their manufacturing industry 
white blue brown green Early Arab Muslims were nomadic people and didn't have experience in building fixed structures. They borrowed architecture design from the Persians to build the first large mosques. There is no original Arabic or Muslim style for building mosques. The early Muslims used to call worshippers for daily prayers out in the open. Therefore there is no reason for creating a big fuss over building mosques in China using Chinese architectural designs.
P K Evil cult vs evil political ideology. LOL hahaha 
Unknown Fully support to China from India in this aspect.
Kali SkunkOg Wion and crux must be working evidenced by this video topic.
Hitesh Gowda A step towards peace
S Rath Crackdown on the religion of peace is need of the hour.
MIRAJ SUBBA Whatever the Chinese government doing is 100% right
CHA CHA This we need to learn from china how to protect culture 
kkkk Wow KRAUT was really on point Sinicization
Jason Philip It is a matter of who reaches first. China did. And they have an advantage.
Seventh Kumar Naidu Trichinapalli China is the correct nation to Islam. They are Patriots. Other nations should follow china,' s. attitude towards Islam. We appreciate China in this aspect.
Rahul Jacker As an Indian In this particular Decision we firmly stand with China. Good Going
J J  Rss and bj will now declare xi Jinping as their supreme leader 
Nitish Gupta OIC reaction be like: Oh I see
Andy Wong All the statements are “according “ not one reference link was made.
Rachmadani FAG You must be happy India and this is what you want so you need to get along with CAINA 
Abhi Abhinandan Beijing Islamophobic  they are just smart enough to save their country 
Devashish Dwivedi Poland and china know how to deal with a peaceful community
A K Afghanistan exploded Buddha statues and China introduced Buddhist symbols to mosques. Such is the world we live in. Don't be ashamed and hold your head up.
Rick Roll China is trying to be independent and after many decades China now is not dependent on oil as it is the fastest in going electric
Rudrajit Das Where is Indian librandus? Well, china knows how to tackle peace spreader people.
Rishi Kumar, I hate China for its expansionism. But I totally respect China's point of view in this matter. Welldone China 
Maryo_Nicle7 If Cheng Ho seeing this, he'll be mad so much
Nitesh Kumar, I appreciate china for this
Wisdom bites Dome represents Arab. It has nothing to do with any religion.
agnostic I support China in this.
M. Thanishka A sensible move by Xi Xingping.
Adarsh Raj OIC be like- Ab underground hone ka time aa gaya hai
Pratap Won't be surprised if Xi Jinping declares "Tel lagao Dabur ka" as the national song of China.
White Paper Only country that has the courage to do this, Country first. This is the reaction of some attacks and radicalization
Mr. Simple Only China treats Islam very well.. I like their ways hahahahahaahahaahaahaha
Philip Audio When in China, do as the Chinese. Just like in India, swim at the Gangese.
Rose Mg As Human rights violations should be checked and exposed in China through United Nations and independent sources...
Darko Fius Do we read history, how many wars, led by Christians, or by Muslims? Religious slotting has no borders.
Safely Ghosh Roy This is tit for tat. Thank u China for all these. Karma for what happened in Bangladesh
Scary Pumpkin Good work China, Hare Krishna 
A K Chinese civilization - understands the threat and takes measures to tackle the threat. Indian civilization - suffered a continuous attack and destruction but still doesn't recognize the threat and take a course of action 
Samantha Barnes Support local businesses or products made in free and democratic countries only, let us all do our part and show what hundreds of thousands of you-tube viewers can do.
Dev Kurup good Move by china...Love china for this 
Deeyarshree  Wonderful
Bob Bobby A phobia is an irrational fear.
Weeb alien WHEN is this gonna happen in India 
Mahmud Muridi The solution is easy just build the masjid without some... it's okay ..masjid with local Islam wisdom is part of everything.
Sire Baker That's one big ass curve flat-screen
huffingting Well done 
Naginder Sahota Why is the Islamic world not protesting about the destruction of ancient mosques 
Arjun Yaduvanshi Turkey and Pakistan be like=abba(china) bahut maarenge agar Kuch bola toh 
Kapiraj Nandan It's good make people follow their country culture
justice & healing 4 All Because electricity really comes from masts on rooftops, not fossil fuels
Shubham Ghosh, This is called sanitation..
Singh Ranawat this clearly proved that however negative