Grandpa,-Narayana-Reddy Grandpa Kitchen is a YouTube channel; established by Narayana Reddy (1946 – 27 October 2019).
He was from Telangana, India. In his channel he and his grandchildren cooked large dishes of food intended for orphans, making both Indian and western dishes. The creator's residence is near Hyderabad.
Sanya Jain of NDTV described the resulting dishes as "mega-sized", and Reddy used a wood-fired flame to cook instead of a modern oven. Reddy's son operated the YouTube channel itself. Reddy's trademark clothing consisted of a dhoti and a white shirt, and he also has a white handlebar mustache.
Anurag Verma of News 18 wrote that two factors that made him popular on YouTube were the donations of food and the "seemingly modest approach to cooking".
Sathya Moorthi Grandpa isn't dead he's just cooking for others in heaven
Cxliqo _I know this was like two years ago but I’m still crying, we love u, grandpa, we will never forget about you ever thank you for everything, may you rip
Newt Scamander An angel who return to heaven after he accomplished his mission of teaching us how to treat people around us.
babu Decorator Legends never die he lives in our hearts RIP grandpa
Zymah Junaid I missed his smile and his accent..his smile was very calm and makes my heart be honest, I've learned how to cook from him by watching his video I made some of the food for my family..always and forever missing you grandpa...Rest In Peace. Love from Brunei
Sherry Belle Grandpa was the male equivalent to Mother Teresa! He spread so much love through his cooking and serving others He is sorely missed by tens of thousands around the world! I pray that his sons continue his legacy of love!
KingJohnny R.I.P Grandpa... He's cooking for someone in heaven.. I've always loved your cooking channel. that channel inspired me to want to cook more delicious foods.
Amanda Love Grandpa was such a beautiful, kind soul. He loved life so much and save so many people from going hungry. What a beautiful family you all have.
Koritea it's been 3-4 years and I came back and when I searched this youtube channel, I saw this youtube video title and I ended up becoming shocked and really sad. Grandpa is in heaven, he's cooking for others in heaven. He lives in our hearts and we must help people till DEATH. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un
Falguni Patel Started following him 3 years ago. Use to watch this channel whenever I couldn't sleep at night and be needed something to cheer me up. Wasn't able to watch for a year and a half and just discovered grandpa is no more. This made me cry so much. He will be missed you so much! Loved what he did for the kids! I don't I can watch any of the videos without missing him and crying.
Kucing Prancis "This is your grandpa" Those are the words that I still remember until now Rest In Peace Grandpa
Aarti Jaiswal "A man with bronze skin, silver hair and a golden heart" Rest in peace Grandpa. You'll always be in our hearts. We'll miss you.
Карина Халецкая Oh my God, I just realized today that such a wonderful person who cooked for all hungry children has died. I remember when I came across this channel. How I loved watching videos with this wonderful grandfather. The soul is crying. And I just woke up and watched this video, and tears flowed like a river from such a loss. There would be more such good, kind and sweet people...Rest in peace, dear grandfather, whose videos made me smile and grin from his beautiful kind soul... I will continue to watch this wonderful channel Rest in peace, dear and kind grandfather, I will remember you
Biswa Ranjan Sahoo I can't forget his laughing sound... Really he is our grandpa... I can't stop my tears..
Uzma Irshad I started watching him 4 years ago and after watching this 3 years ago he is still in my heart deep inside and I still remember how I cried after watching a while ago. Its breaks my heart whenever I watch this.
Ritaja Kar May God bless him. Such a beautiful soul. An amazing person. Grandpa, wherever you are I hope you know that you are loved and missed beyond measure May your soul always rest in peace.
Faiz Rizky It's March 2021 and we’re still here supporting your channel grandpa, you’ll live forever in our hearts, Thank You, Grandpa.
Vanna Ρaksmey I have been watching his channel for a very long now. I always see his kindest to everyone around him. But now he was not here anymore, I'm sure he will stay happily in heaven
Asaki Grandpa May his soul Rest In Peace. And he would always cook for the people in heaven
Αbelina Sabrina, I can't even imagine how difficult it must have been to record and edit this, I really appreciate you sharing this.
OLIVIA AU YONG CLARIN this is so sad...just discovered his channel today, he was such a good-hearted person. I really liked his videos, u can tell he loved what he was doing .. rest in peace
Peter Bayonet It's already 7 days away from 1st anniversary of the grandpa's death... 1 year is so brief. Our lives are so brief... That's why we should be good to others.
Eli Santos Grandpa is now cooking for the heavens, God bless you Papa may you rest in peace
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