Gao: Nuclear subs deal means Australia will lose ‘privilege of not being targeted’ The announcement made late last week of a new trilateral security partnership between the Australian, American and British governments has ricocheted around the world.
Baker What a likable guy.
Naginder Sahota, I’m sure the Aussies are trembling in their feet after listening to this interview
Lee Chang Mr. Gao is talking like he is ready to detonate the bombs!
Ocean tides It's never a win-win situation if war breaks out. No one wins in the end. Assure mutual destruction. It would be the end of the world if a nuclear conflict took place. No one would win. Radiation will destroy the earth and end all life as we know it. Peace is the only way. put an end to all military. Why should we fight each other? Why can't we love each other? We can all gain from learning from our past mistakes. History to never be repeated.
Delroy Edwards, He just threatened Australia with nuclear weapons and did so publicly. There's your warning Australia. Heed it well. Sean Maguire Gao: We will crush and destroy Australia, we will pound you into the dirt like the ants you are. Also Gao: Thank you very much for having me, I hope we can chat again soon and I hope the kids are ok. Tata.
bbqsoot Well, that went well. At least he seems open-minded and balanced

Victor Gao speaks to Stephen Sackur in BBC HARDtalk
Think slow Victor Gao's patience and effort to remain respectful dealing with this made-up reality of the West is admirable
Shifu Ugincii The so-called 'international community' represents about 20 countries. I'm from Africa & we are so proud of China's achievements. Jiayou China
CN Yee Respect to Victor from Malaysia, for being such a shining example of integrity and intelligence
Sofiene abbes Victor Gao nailed this interview. BRAVO
kingskid I salute Mr. Gao, who knowingly accepted this belligerent interview, and maintained his cool throughout. Well done!
3nien The point is England must pay retribution to Hong Kong for over 150 years of colonization.
Shifu Ugincii Victor is an absolute boss. He maintained his cool
crispy Victor, you are as good as a Queen counsel in your rebuttal. Well done! Your English is better than most UK people as a whole.
ASEAN Mao had brought the literacy rate of China from near zero to about 70% and life expectancy from the '30s to about 70. Both records were outstanding. Mao built the educational, social & administrative infrastructure that equipped China for the rapid industrialization that follows.
Lionel Wong 800 hundred million were lifted out of absolute poverty, by contrast, how many Chinese people benefitted from the opium wars and the unequal treaties imposed on the Chinese by the British? How many people around the world benefitted from the colonial rule by the British? Did people from India, South Africa, Canada Australia, etc, etc benefit from British colonial rule?
David Yeung Great performance Mr. Gao! It sounds like you are in a court of law defending your case as guilty even before you present your case. This is a complete waste of time speaking to someone who is so biased and brainwashed. The constant interruption is simply disrespectful and you have done an absolutely great job showing what good behavior is like.
big walk Victor stands Tall in Truth and Eloquence!!!
IM Moody When Stephen Sackur doesn't like the truth he cuts Victor off. Seriously, if the party didn't deliver for its people and country they couldn't have been as powerful as they are today. For the first time in my life, I am proud to be Chinese and it is all because of China and people like Victor, Eric Li, Kishore Mahbubani, and maybe even Kevin Rudd.
Hon Chee Lim Steven of Hardtalk is the typical type of twisted Western propaganda that deliberately discredits China. Hope they have sufficient morality and ethic to be a genuine journalist
Mairca80 pais Very good answers by Victor Gao.
Mew toong Shum Stephen, please read and digest the public comments... take out the hood over your head... all can tell who you are... your kids, neighbors your country, schools, colleges are finding how hilarious you are! We forgive you as you are only doing it to keep your job... !!
JONI HIU What is this? An interrogation? The host seldom let the guest finish his sentence!
Benjamin Yeow I think it's a waste of time for the victor to attend this interview. It just reinforces the relevance of a channel that is obsolete. The interviewer is not interested in victor's answers. He has a list of questions scripted with nasty words. The technique is to drop and reinforce all the words and cut off the answers. End of the day, the viewers will only be left with a negative impression because the answer is unclear.
Ann Koh Obviously this host comes with a very biased view & intent on keeping it tt way. He is not interested in a dialogue with his guest. I used to enjoy Stephen hosting Hardtalk. But after this session, I lost my respect for him.
Matt Gage, It's amazing how the BBC question Victor Gao about Chinese propaganda, when everything put to Victor was Western propaganda about China! The BBC is equivalent to a reporting toilet.
Bobby N 
Even from the onset, in his opening statements, Stephen has already shown his inherent bias using very negative words about China.
Kamsi Thor Victor Gao has come out as a winner in this interview. Well said.
Chin Ka yeok a Good job, Victor Gao! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for speaking the truth and holding to integrity when confronting this BBC interviewer who tried his level best to manipulate you in every way to give in to his bias view. I thank you for not giving in by keeping to your principle in telling the truth on behalf of all Chinese.
Chiupo lini Stephen Sackur started off with a series of propaganda (as defined by the West) and called "democracy" and "human rights" in terms of Western mode. It comes again when he said, "We said in the West call Human Rights". If anyone differs from the West standard, they are not "democracy or human rights". That is also why the Indian children in Canada were killed en masse because they did not become "more like us".
Thiam Poh Lim It’s definitely difficult for this interviewer to understand China. He already has his own story in mind before doing the interview. China learns from mistakes and this guy is a trouble maker and looks like a fool.
Ken Underwood 
My goodness Mr. Sackur, you have been brainwashed! You have been completely taken in by the propaganda of your own organization.
François Leung What an arrogant and presumptuous host, always being in an offensive must be a standard procedure in western propaganda. I also knew allegations would be presented as if they were facts or evidence.
CurryPanda Wang Don’t blame the interviewer ..he asked all the right questions for the victor to have a chance to come back at it and explains the truth. And I think victor did a good job.
BANURI The more they interview Chinese intellectuals the more western countries hypocrisy will be exposed
Eddskee If Stephen was my father, I would abandon him
Joshua C My full respect to Mr. Gao. You tamed the rabid dog spewing lies and hypocrisy. BBC's credibility has been despised even by the Brits themselves.
Raymond Foo Poor Stephen, you need to smarten and sharpen up your facts. Kind of embarrassing though.
HF Tan Stephen is pathetic! Great that Victor literally destroyed him.
Quan Le Bravissimo to Victor Gao! It's obvious that being the assistant of Deng had a tremendous impact on him not taking into account his own shining intelligence, obviously! The poor imbecile interviewing him can be forgiven, as all of us, he needs money to survive. Please note that most of the time, he did not have eye contact with Victor Gao and lowered his head pretending to read the questions or reading the questions is an excuse for not having eye contact with Victor Gao, we can suppose he still has a minimum sense of shame.