Gay Stars of Old Hollywood (Causes of Deaths)

Gay Stars of Old Hollywood (Causes of Deaths) The fight for the vindication of the rights of the sex-diverse community seems a phenomenon of recent times; however, these Hollywood legend's causes of Death serve as testimony that it dates back many decades.
Laurie M You need to fact-check. Tyrone Power died relatively young of a heart attack in 1958. Clark Gable died of a heart attack in 1960. Those are two off the top of my head. There were more.
Shannon Barnes May they all rest in peace. I thank them for all their excellent work. They were the brightest stars ever. None have ever shown brighter.
Jo Alex Sg Thank you for this informative and respectful video about these celebrities' diversity.
Joe Balter Nice job and beautiful men. May they be resting in peace.
Patrick Hicks who wouldn't love Gary grant he was adorable
Patrick Lim, They were such good-looking men. Living at the period where Gays were condemned... It's sad but they were talented and living in miseries ...God rest their souls.
Gladys Morgan, My mouth was open on all of these actors. I had no idea that these leading men /actors were gay. I knew of Rock Hudson but all the others! I'm truly shocked. Oh if my Mom were alive she'd have so much to say.
Frank Denardo Dirk Bogard was knighted and was known as Sir Dirk Bogard. This is a very interesting program. Montgomery Clift and Rock Hudson were good friends with Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Also Roddy McDowell and movie director James Whale as well.
Debbie Yeager, This is full of inaccuracies. For example, Clark Gable did not die in the "late 1960s" but in November 1960. Rock Hudson did not die in July but in October 1985. Tyrone Power died in 1958, not 1985.
Arlene Trujillo What a crock! Spencer Tracy was NEVER GAY...NOW I wonder about the rest of these b.s....some of them yes but not all. You got it wrong!!!
Kathleen Tyson Anthony Perkins had a son he was in Legally Blonde, it’s really sad that there was so much stigma back then that actors had to hide their sexuality.
Thea van den berg It is sad that this was and still is an issue. Men loving men, women loving women...they do no harm. But I was most saddened by Raymond Burr's story. Imagine loving work more than your life....that is very sad..
Sara Marshall Clark Gable wasn't gay. There are rumors that he may have been "gay for pay" before he became a star but who really knows
Kirk Barkley, I really do NOT think Clark Gable was at all gay.
MrTonyVision gets facts, not innuendo and rumor. just more childish unsupported assertions that all great male people that had big personalities are gay...non-sense. get yourself real lifestyle approval by but living a good life and treating all people with kindness, no matter who you love physically.
Tracy Waring Most of this is just hearsay, where did you get the proof for any of this. Most of it is B**l S**t, Anyone that was gay hid it because it was considered illegal back in the day. Hollywood was much more powerful then and any scandal could make or break someone's entire career. Instead of digging the dirt on people who are not here to defend themselves dig up some good stuff about amazing generosity, the services to charity, and what nice people they were /////////////// Rene LeClerc I wish YouTube had blocking like Facebook so I could block YouTube channels like this one and the others with their nonsense about entertainers dead a long time.
CherylAnn Wow? I would take some of these with a grain of salt. Why would Spenser Tracey need a beard? I would say marriage of decades is a pretty good beard. Why add Katherine Hepburn on top? Seriously, this smears the reputation of Clark Cable saying he slept with male executives to propel his career? He was plenty talented enough to deserve his success. That's just slandering a man who can't defend himself. Five marriages would cause anyone to assume he's straight. That's a stretch, obviously. Poorly written, and researched.
Pete Cernan Perkins had encounters with other men while he was married do they mean sex with men?
Chuck Sellers Let the Straits have Tracy and Clark? They were not good people. Even if the rumors were true, we do not need them in our column. The reason Tracy, in my opinion, was not gay would require a darkening of tone, so I'm not going there. Clark got the director of 'Gone With the Wind" fired because Clark was not comfortable around the gay. Why is it so important to out dead folks anyway? I've watched this before, so I guess I could answer my question.
Carol Moore, He was married to five women but was clearly gay - bullsh*t.
Laura Dierking Sorry, not buying Vincent Price. Funny you are quoting someone who is dead, actually, both are dead. So much gossip.
Wolf Duranti DON'T surprise us soon by saying... AL PACINO AND DE NIRO ARE IR WERE GAYS

BILLBOARDORG This video is full of nonsense, many errors in dates of death, treat rumors as if they're facts, speculation, and lies, poorly written, poorly researched, with lots of factual errors, careless to get names wrong, some is pure speculation. Treating rumors as a fact is inexcusable, You coming from nowhere and telling the world that Tyrone Powers, Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and others are gay?
Who gives you the right to post nonsense like this.
Get ready with the facts to answer the court.
We have investigated further, and now We know that the penalty is 5 years.
We have also been informed that are BOOBAS in jail that make your Assanti 3 inches in diameter like a Spanish coin