Justice With Judge Jeanine 8/28/21

Justice With Judge Jeanine 8/28/21 Judge Jeanine has the latest crime stories
Martenson Lee So Joes Administration screwed up the drone strikes even !!!
John Walbridge, You are as pissed as I am Jennine. Keep it up.
Dinah Lea Swoop in and pick up Americans and Allies. We Are Americans and Joke Biden is NOT our leader. Go to Bagram Military Base and tell them "Hell No, you cannot have our base". Or blow up everything left behind. With or without Biden, we will prevail.
Arounthone The big guy must not only be impeached but he must be court marshal as well.
Wendy Fenderson Blame Kamala Harris, Jill Biden. And Nancy Pelosi! We The People Voted for President Trump! Enough is enough! Court Marshal the Biden regime immediately!
Darlene VanEmmerik I get so angry when jb says we will track you down. What a joke. He handed it over the way he did this. He gave them all that firepower planes Blackhawks guns and ammo. This man should be tried for treason.
Tom Beck, They have been talking about this kind of thing not to do the LAST!!!! 1000 years
Mason Yahn, We want Biden and his criminal crew gone now !!!
James Motheral If planes aren’t in the air using American billionaires $ as we speak I’m embarrassed to call myself an American!! 
Mic C I hate the way the media says 13 us marines were killed when 200 died
Anthony Freier I'm supposed to believe these rescue numbers from a corrupt installed incompetent administration?? And that they're all vetted??? The worst is yet to come. Arrest the entire evil administration
Yves Poulin Hello Jeanine ... just said Jeanine is a french name, as I am a french guy and also an admirer.
Carmen Marquez This President Biden, Kamala, Pelosi Out, Enough is Enough
CptnJCFG Time to leave omg it's been 20 years of waste. Stop invading shit.
Robin Doggie I think Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and a team of Democrats need to go to Kabul, Afghanistan. To meet with their new friends the Taliban, and talk about how the fix this mess and break beard with them! "Now, this sounds like a plan"
James Endicott how many weapons did Russia leave behind when they left Afghanistan?? what kind of aircraft did Russia leave behind???? maybe joe should ask Russia how to get hell out of Afghanistan!!! sure don't remember Russia having all these problems. didn't see people falling off of airplanes to their deaths!!! really didn't need to see that bullshit!! does the Taliban have any Russian helicopters???
Mic C 13 marines and 187 others who don't get a mention America is disgusting
Rock Bass702 πριν από 18 ώρες All these people do nothing but talk. Go in guns blazing and take care of the problem. America is so weak I'm surprised we haven't been invaded yet.

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