Former Ontario Tory premier Bill Davis dead at 92


Former Ontario Tory premier Bill Davis dead at 92
William Davis, the 18th premier of Ontario and one of the country's longest-serving premiers, has died at 92. A statement from his family said Davis died in Brampton, Ont., on Sunday morning of natural causes.
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Kevin Kinsella Now there was a Conservative that I could respect
Lloyd Robinson Bill Davis was one of the best premiers this province ever had
David MacKell A wise man and true public servant. A red Tory in the best sense of the term, he provided quintessentially Canadian good government.
mark sperring An old-school public servant/politician. I remember lots of good and bad but he had integrity. We could stand to have a few more like him. Thank you Bill.
suprisedmike A very good and decent person. He kind of epitomized Ontario for me and a lot of what he (and John Robarts) did help considerably to make it a good place to live. Thank-you Mr. Davis
Francis McCorey Rest in peace Davis what a good leader you were
Chuck Helson is The Very best Premier for Ontario. Wise beyond his years.
Poop Soup He was a strong leader in prosperous times. I miss those days.
Donna Marie, I met this guy when l was in High School. I even got a Christmas card from the Davis'. R.I.P. Bill Davis. The good life for a man to live 92 years.
John Smith is Ontario's greatest premier. Thank you for all of your work, Mr. Davis. RIP.
Jayaram Nair May his soul rest in eternal peace.
biggame3107 I'm not a conservative but I always respected Bill Davis as a great leader.
Argonaut121 Sadly, they don't make them like Bill Davis anymore. He was a man of integrity, vision, and compassion. Today's Tories could learn a lot from him. RIP.  Critical Path May he rests in peace. I'm another non-conservative who respected him and admired the way he leads our province.
Kotas Byubilieau Unlike today's Conservatives politicians, Bill Davis, Bill Bennett, and Peter Lougheed was true Canadian Conservatives who represented Canadian Conservative tradition and integrity. Today's Conservatives no longer create politicians like them.
Joe Malone, I guess he couldn't look at ford any longer, he was one of my favor he's going to heaven.
Sam195 I predict he will have a major Toronto street, a university, and a TTC Subway Station named after him within 2 years. He is a better historical figure actually born in Ontario and served in government here than Henry Dundas or Edgerton Ryerson.
MyRedeemerliveth Bill Davis for Prime Minister of Canada!....if only..the wisest and humble politician that ever lived. God bless his soul..RIP dear friend.  Whiskey T. Foxtrot RIP. I'm a liberal but he was a decent premier and ran the government effectively in turbulent times.
Benny Blanco Boy did he ever love pizza.
You Know Crime Don't Pay I remember how the general public liked this man. He was honest and we looked up to him. I also remember he stopped the Allen Express Way from going further than Eglinton Ave.

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