Malcolm X City Desk 1963

Malcolm X City Desk (1963)
House Of Oshun The man. The leader. The legend.
Barkat90 People get admired and emulate musicians and footballers when there's nothing really special about them. When you watch Malcolm talk it makes you want to pick up a book and read. It's people like him you should learn from.
Andile Sawula The fact that Mr.X is being interviewed by more than one person it shows how master minded he was dam
Adam Plentl Love how Malcolm had an immediate, intelligent response to every idiot question these guys tried to put on him.
Arthur Green He was trying to get Mr.X to say his slave given last name -- just like they were doing in ROOTS. X wasn't having I love it!!!
folarin adejube Malcolm was the synonym of class. Handsome, brilliant, and articulate.
George Dyer Can feel the hatred from this interview. Malcolm x was a true legend
Barry Brodsky, I can watch this man all day. One of the great minds and one of the great organizers for justice of the 20th century. May his words and deeds continue to be studied, watched, and listened to. I Am Telling You The Truth Had we listened to Malcolm X, we would not have the issues we have today.
Prince Jude My high school barely taught me anything about this man. Wondering if it’s intentional. These speeches are intellectual.
SLAMMIN SALMON7 Malcolm x was a brilliant man cosmic force Buss Ok, he's the truth. Never really listen to Malcolm until now but he is 1,000, 000, percent correct.
Shantelle Bloomfield This man never back down from any debate settings. They just could not manage him that was their problem. He was doing a good thing
Jim Bo, They spent more time talking about his name than the racial issues. They spent more time talking about him being Muslim than they did the racial issues.
Deron Drake Malcolm would be upset at the state of black people today.
Dsmarto410 Malcolm X would have made a great president.
Eddie Okojie Malcolm was and is a delight to watch! Suave, ebullient, charismatic and ever so composed and disciplined, even when confronted by inquisitors pretending to be objective journalists. I’m inspired!
Abdul Ali Muhammad, I could never defend Farrakhan after all the dishonest things he said about brother Malcolm X the next time Farrakhan say he needs to look in the mirror.
Supernatural Black Malcolm X is a true definition of bravery, superintelligence, eloquence, courage, and leadership. This Super-Man is a real Afrikan king
Atco Doe, This here is a great man, even in the face of adversity he still presented himself with integrity and dignity. Rest in paradise brother
Kristin Nefertiti My man Mr. X stayed so strong regardless of how those bullies came at him.
Lilly Lioness Black people were interrogated not interviewed. Malcolm X was such a graceful man and his eloquent speech set them all straight one-by-one.
Colin Halliley Malcolm was so patient and educated. He was above the average person. Always strong yet gentle in his perspective. Honest too!
StreetTV Malcolm X is sharper than a tack and its great that we can still listen to him in 2019 almost 60 years after this broadcast.
Renato Sarabia As a Mexican American, or whatever I am...I truly appreciate his intellectual savi.. and how beautiful he is as a man, respectful and engaged in his beautiful way.....such a needed man today
Garrett Nabor Malcolm x was incredible and ahead of his time.
Bashir Ali Sulaiman Malcolm X is my man for sure. I like the way he tackled all sorts of challenges thrown at him. Without doubt, he's one of the most outstanding individuals of the 20th century. A man of intellectual gymnastics and intellectual giant.
Andile Sawula This guy had self-control man and that's very powerful
Little Malcolm How many times did he have to tell this clown he didn't have the last name
Kirk Barkley His speaking voice was music to any ear
Malam Muawiyyah I'm a physicist. But this man has inspired me to learn oratorical skills. It helps me a lot in teaching physics.
Jireh Patrick He is a genius in Tanzania i can still watch him in 2021
Farid The Same tactics are still used today! Almost 60 years later, a lot of things are still the same, its crazy.
Digital Xtreme Television Malcolm addressed all of them as "sir" at some point. Not once did any of them address him as "sir."
Tanya Gilliard, I love the way Malcolm X takes his stance and holds his own to express his feelings in this interview... S. I. P. Malcolm X Thank you for your services and Thank you for sharing and your teachings to teach me so I can teach my people.
polite exchange of bullets I have to say, WHAT A MAN! Maintaining his cool, intellect, and self-respect. Not allowing anyone to take him outside his character. I have a profound respect for this man.
Michael Davis I never missed somebody so much that I never met. Thank you, Brother Malcolm. You did so much for our people and It will never be forgotten
Sajdah Sabree Loved watching this. That O'Connell was so nasty and Min. Malcolm chopped him at every rude snipe. Alhamdulilah for my community.
The GreatOne Such an intelligent man. He was being interrogated by 4 assholes and stood his ground firmly.
Harriet was a BRILLIANT man! Thank you for sharing this.
Danny Barlow since I've been home during this Covid shutdown I've watched almost every Malcolm X video I've ever seen over and over again. I miss these type of leaders. Lawd knows I do!
Anonymous Person Whoever is saying that this is now relevant to what is happening now needs to get their research done. This has been relevant even before George Floyd's death. Police brutality has been going on for many years. It must be stopped
Mayur Gajjar What a great interview!!! This man is such an eloquent speaker. I think the world needs someone like him right now
JohnnySilverfoot πριν από 8 μήνες I don't agree with everything Malcolm believes, but he sure as hell intelligent young man who argued his points very plainly and logically. A couple of those white guys were annoying as fk with that condescending tone they kept talking with him. Its like they can't even tell that they're behaving in the very fkn way that Malcolm is talking about.