Rowan Atkinson - Interview with Elton John


Rowan Atkinson - Interview with Elton John RAVI KUMAR Toughest job in the world: Acting with Rowan Atkinson without laughing Miran Butka, It’s impressive how he can do a 5-minute comedy scene with just his name. LR Vicious U could tell easily that Elton was trying extremely hard not to crack up Martin Mitchell This is so good. Let's not miss how well Elton John plays his part. Aer Bender Rowan is a really charismatic guy.. one of the 2 greatest comedians in entertainment history... the other one is charlie Chaplin... do u agree? R G Rowan Atkinson is the most talented comedian on the planet. He can create comedy from any situation! He’s a complete genius! Doctor Pool This just might be the greatest interview in the universe. Krishna Jambur Hats off to Elton to have controlled his laughter. I'm sure they would have rehearsed this 1000 times just so he could not burst out laughing and yet Rowan Atkinson's act was still making him bite his lips to stop laughing. Largest Classifieds Rowan Atkinson should be given a doctorate degree for his contribution to the arts of humor