Investigating Australia's apartment building crisis


Investigating Australia's apartment building crisis.
Jutawan  I am totally shocked by this documentary. I never thought Australia had such a bad problem with its construction practices and building codes.
sarcasmo57 I'm going to avoid all this by living in a van down by the river.
Vincenzo Davey As an electrician who started work in the Australian construction industry in the early ’90s, the creation of Australia’s current building crisis is due to deregulation and self-regulation. In my experience, new electrical work would be submitted to the supply authority, approved to commence work and when the work was finished it would be inspected and if correct it would be signed off. With self-regulation in the Australian electrical contracting industry, it has severely lowered install standards. This type of deregulation has infected all construction trades in Australia. I now live in the USA and there is ridged code enforcement in the building industry. All aspects of construction work are inspected and enforced by city inspectors.
revolversmoke Not only do we have aluminum cladding that will make the building become fire rods in minutes we also have buildings that can't stand properly... it's appalling.
MagicForDummiez Rotten builders. Rotten loans. Rotten politicians. And we're expected to pay top dollar for all this rot. Welcome to Australia.
vwlove This is excellent reporting. Thank you so much for having our back where the government does not.
Alex And the government's first home buyers grant applies ONLY to new buildings.
Pavel Golodoniuc When I was building my free-standing house in Perth I was taking photographs of every stage and every construction aspect of it and was sharing them with my parents. Both of them are from the construction industry in Europe - an architect and a construction engineer. Once they asked if they could share my photos at their workplaces to have a GOOD LAUGH! :) Building standards in Australia are nothing but a joke and finally, it's realized not only by engineers. Not surprising that multistory apartment buildings are even worse.
Andrew Kristanto And here we are, still wondering how the Egyptians built the pyramids that could stand for thousands of years...
Michelle’sLife This was posted a year ago. And here I am, waiting longer than 7 months post-settlement to arrange for blinds to be put in my new development apartment just so I can lease it out. DO NOT BUY OFF THE PLAN.
Bullfrogz100 Criminals roam the streets (the buildings) and apartment owners left in misery without any justice. Governments have created this mafia system. Culprits should endure punishment reserved for Mafiosi.
Thamus Jones Australia is corrupt from top to bottom, politicians, business, "regulators", inspectors, courts you name it. You reap what you sow.
Manfred Houdek The main problem is pre-selling, they are committed to 50% and can guarantee the builders and developers going to cut corners. Make them sell after it gets built. They will be more careful as defects will show before sales and during selling. Not good for business.
Loris Cook Having grown up in NZ where places are built well because of earthquakes I would never feel safe in a high-rise building. Single story, the stand-alone house is the only choice for me. Safer from building defects or natural disasters, I always want an easy escape route to my own yard.
Kurt Unger The government should seize 100% of every builder's assets until they make it right. They should be the first ones homeless.