I sincerely hope that the information in this book will be an inspiration and starting point for those who realize that this is the path that they are on, or are heading into and that he/she will stop for a moment to consider and evaluate his/her situation and the consequences, eventually, making a conscious decision to make a lifestyle change that may save his/her life.

I am not advocating or endorsing this diet. I simply feel that the circumstances that Dr. Phil found himself in are not isolated.
His experience is real and life-changing.
Life is good. Moderation should be a key factor in nutrition.
Without one’s health, there is no life!

In addition to the food creation, he wrote over 600 recipes and 42 books by the year 2010 with topics such as love of animals, birds, countries (such: Colombia, Costa Rica, and others), life incidents including eye disease like floaters,  leg and back injuries.