INDIA DELHI, a city of chaos and tangle, the sound of blow

DELHI, a city of chaos and tangle, the sound of blow horn, l visited there many times, but l stayed in New's better than old Delhi. dirty and depressing, many people sleeping in streets

This is the truth of life ... I believe that many more nice & beautiful places ... However Indian can survive according to their situation ... Love India. 

Woooww amazing

Yakeen The actual truth of Bollywood land; not glamorous starlets dancing around pine trees or Amitabh Bachchans living in Windsor-like castles.
Sudirno Van Dyke What a chaotic city.
Evelyn parasol There they know no traffic laws, less hygiene!!

Uday Raj Dirtiest Delhi of Kejriwal.

Nalini Srikanti Dirtiest town.people don't want to keep the place clean.

Khalid Tv I Wonder Delhi!! even cow trailer wheel is allowed inter the city.

jewel-like South Asian superpower like African Uganda

Quadri M.A. More spiritual more corrupt. Endless corruption!

Truong Linh Messy, chaos streets. love India

Leonor Amalia Rojas That's is incredible Anyway they all day works and prayer

Marti Kepler dirty and depressing, with many people sleeping in the streets


Andrew Sundaram Awesome vlog Marek. Very interesting to watch in New Delhi city.

Boonthip Suwansukho This is the truth of life ... I believe that many more nice & beautiful places. However, Indians can survive according to their situation ...Love India.

Paulo Deocareza Wow! Incredible India...

Needle work101 This is the real face of India.

Rohit S This is poor of poor life video which even Indian feel sad anyways great coverage you did some great recording

mahaboob basha πριν από 1 μήνα (τροποποιήθηκε) India is a country with huge diversity in all aspects like culture, traditions, personal living and more importantly revenues, here one person has the potential of presenting an Aeroplane on his wife's birthday and the other not able to purchase a piece of cake on his children's birthday, still we living together in our great country, feeling Unity in Diversity,

Yenny Su πριν από 1 εβδομάδα I very love to Indian people they have good heart many poor people in India they sleep outside I

wish God always blessing India's country and the people too.

Please do not make the wrong impression about India. This video is a small area with a large population and can't improve any time soon.

To understand India please click INDIA to view the article that I create from the English colonization years to Gandhi's life from a defining moment in 1893, as he is thrown off a South African train for being in a whites-only compartment, and concludes with his assassination and funeral in 1948. Pakistan And India Partition 1947 - The Day India Burned - by roothmens,,the  1984 Sikh Documentary - BBC - Sonia Deol, Why Indira Gandhi Ordered Army To Kill 1000's of Sikhs In Golden Temple, Indira Gandhi's Assassination aftermath.
Mother India movie is there, one film that travels all over the world, and another video by the name PRINCESS IRENE OF GREECE IN INDIA WHY THE FLOWERS? is fascinated story of a Greece princess IRENE while she was in India studied philosophy notice that the people there had no food to eat, soo she went to Europe to buy 400 cows, sheep, goats, chickens, dugs, load them to planes and back to India. One parenthesis that in India cows producing 5 lt per day compare to Holand That gives 20 lt, continuing with her mission help mother Teriza, Father Tootoo in South Africa  building a Hospital, in addition, to  another  hospital in Spain for Alzheimer's disease