John D. Liu Regreening the desert

John D. Liu Regreening the desert

For many, cameraman and ecologist John D. Liu has been working on his worldwide mission to green deserts and to restore biodiversity.

It all started in 1995 when Liu filmed the Loess-plateau in China.

He witnessed a local population who turned an area of almost the same size as The Netherlands from a dry, exhausted wasteland into one green oasis.

This experience changed his life. From that moment on, Liu has been traveling all over the world to convince and inspire government leaders, policy-makers, and farmers with his film material and knowledge.

Liu diligently spreads the message that restoration of ecosystems is not only possible but also economically very meaningful.

Backlight accompanies Liu on his mission to Jordan to meet Princess Basma Bint Ali and shows on the basis of Liu’s own film material that a green future is possible worldwide.

Needless to say that the Princess is the type of girl that is affray to pout her hands on the ground and mix the soil.

One must understand the Jordan land is not flat and free of rocks reader for cultivation.

Carpe Noctem Spending money on this instead of never-ending wars would be nice

Robert Masson, I'm in Yuma Arizona (desert oasis) and showing this to my soil science class.
Thanks for uploading to YouTube. Great stuff, full of hope and promise!

Christian Hito Beyond lobbying and egoistic interest of multinationals, this should be how we fight climate change.

Karen Umland, We think we're helpless in the face of climate change. This demonstrates that we aren't. Kudos, John D. Liu.

Jeremy Feeley They really need to utilize this in the California desert.

Ajisen Ramen Helping the earth heal. That is a noble endeavor. Thanks for this. Can’t wait to see the Centre of OZ green.

Saritha Cordier, Do you sell calendars with the before-after images? It would be a daily source of joy

Robert Maki, It’s amazing how dumb and stubborn people can be, but when intelligence and foresight is brought to bear down,, see what humanity can do to the positive

Rebel Khan, you are the great people of this world who conserve Natural treasures

El Viruz We will rue the day we lack people that think like Dr. Liu (You're Earth's doctor) Keep up the amazing work. This is truly inspiring.

Grant A Coatney Sr This is nothing New! PERU Has been using terraces for 1000's years! at SPYROS PETER GOUDAS article has the Orient!

Drinny26 Everybody watching this video should go out and plant a tree.

Joe Porter The ecologist knows these things. The trick is convincing the people to listen to ecologists instead of capitalists. 


Kerry Groombridge worked in Australia. Good start, same goal. Thank you for sharing. Please pass forward. Thank you.

Nsabimana jean Bosco Very constructive documentary. I wish politicians would watch this and get inspired.

Karen Fabec THIS IS TRUTH! Thank you, John D. Liu!!!

John Swartz  Trees and plants make oxygen and that’s what we need the most so we need the trees and the plants

Joel Bridgeman Geoff Lawton has been applying permaculture techniques for over 30 years on 6 continents in over 50 countries! I have become a student of his and of permaculture. As part of a worldwide humanitarian effort that must "grow" he has made a vast amount of his knowledge available for free. There is no other way!! Men Like John and Geoff are heroes fighting the good fight.

M P This documentary is one of the best I've seen from vpro. Excellent content and picture. I loved the part where it states: revalue all values. We have to use reason and logic to guide our steps. This will ensure a green and healthy planet. These are the vision of Hyperion's too. We need a complete and coherent design inside and outside. We need permaculture to feed the body and ontological mathematics to feed the mind. Great work. Thanks for this.

Money Love Thank you, John D. Lui. You bring hope back into my life. Do you know Ernst Goetsch?

Carlos Sálico Give this man a Nobel Prize, please

Senang Coding we should learn this and practice this in every elementary school

Davis Urdaneta It is so amazing how the algorithm found me suggesting to watch something that was in my dream the night before. I guess this is my calling! I've been dreaming to live with nature sustainably, a life away from toxic politics and corporate BS.

Vishnu Mahant Maybe India can invite this ecologist John D Liu to India to improve desert lands in Rajasthan and Gujarat!

Peace & Love Sir John D. Liu ..Do you have someone to pass on all this incredible knowledge of yours? as a legacy...! If not pls take me in as ur student.

Youtube Bot Meanwhile, MONEY in the USA are used on NUCLEAR and CHEMICAL WEAPONS.

Mugenyi Mubarak This is so amazing. Thank you for sharing. I wonder why the so-called country presidents and leaders who claim to be pro-people can't embrace such ecological programs.

Mquiniones27 I love watching this film every so often to be inspired and do my part because the answer seems easier than we think. Thanks for this film.

Michael Pruitt, This is one of the best educational films!

Anil Bundhoo awesome Mr. Liu. I wish I could follow in your footsteps. and stand on your shoulders. You are a giant!

JASFER ORTIAGA This is so good. I am from the Philippines and wanted to learn more about farming and everything like this. I just don't have the resources and don't know where and how to start.

Kiril Cherry From the bottom of my heart, thank you, John D Liu, thank you Ethiopia, thank you China for this amazing wonder

Ultracobrax Fantastic documentary should be aired by every tv. channel, presented in every school and university. Thank you from my heart for putting this together.

Seif Azghandi US budget for the military for the past 2 years: $1.4 Trillion; Saudi Arabia purchased $110 Billion worth of military equipment this year and a contract to buy an additional $350 Billion for the next 10 years ... and other countries' military spendings ....?!!! If average people with primitive tools can achieve such amazing results, just imagine what we accomplish if we had a worldwide campaign to "re-green" the planet and build desalination stations throughout the world and ... ...World is but one country and mankind its citizens. Baha'u'llah.


Michael Owens, These two men are probably doing more to restore the earth than 10 thousand climate change activists.

S V John D. Liu is a legend!

GC Durnin John D. Liu, former environmental science major, I'm sending you a BIG HUG. Thank you for helping to save the Earth.

Rozarim Woleng John D. Liu an amazing guy and embodiment of hope. The world today and tomorrow owe lots to people like him.

R L Thank you for your research. My little garden has improved so much because of the compost and no chemical used. I have many, many worms because I feed them all the time and the soil was heavy clay but now I have loam. GC moss Are there credits for the stirring music? Of course, yes, for decades I have been cleaning up, building up, and freeing up the environment. I wept throughout this film. Thank you all!

Rakesh Yogi Oh! How inspiring. One man changing the face of the world. Great man.

Aammo sniper is saying that there are no money people in this world. I agree with him only Bill Gates Does not Agree he wants to Kill us

Bort Socks Thank you for sharing this video! I was unaware of John D. Liu's contribution to the permaculture movement. I also liked seeing Geoff Lawton's insights in the documentary.

Alen Imbang In my country Indonesia, trees are disappearing, and I don't know why.

James b Monsanto? Are you listening yet!