Amazing Korean Cake Factory


I am proud to post the following comments from friends to the Spyros Peter Goudas TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA.
Lulu Nuzulul I feel tired just watching these people working, can't imagine how tired they are!
B M For just over an hour, I’d forgotten about all the Covid shit, thanks for that!
Amy Libra Vlog I feel very peaceful while watching this video
Emlymnsn Didn't even search for this and yet I've spent more than an hour watching the whole video.
Colin MacKenzie Reminds me of the Charlie Chaplin movie Modern Times.
Allysia Brandt, did I just spend a whole hour watching this? yes. yes I did
Laura Valentina —Stay y Aroha— Ay es fantástico ver cosas así. Es muy satisfactorio ver Como hacen las Cosas y con que agilidad
I Am Yours Jiminchim it is so satisfying to watch!! love it!
Lilia Palacios Where I can buy some?... They look delicious!!
Tsultrim Sangmo Skill speed n perfection, love it, greetings from Nepal
Yanee_ Danial Just wanna say that I love the whole video. So professional, clean, hygiene & their skills were so amazing
colin I am very surprised to see most of this is done by people and not machines.
Silversong Gaming Wow, the attention to detail in this mass production is very impressive. Now I want cake lol
Totto Chan I would love to leave my job and work in such a factory. Move to a small town and live with a happy loving family. Less money but all peaceful.
Leisa Parker, I appreciate the price of a cake more now.
Mark H This is oddly satisfying to watch
musicguy20 It’s 4:45 am and I’m getting hungry just watching this
Sherry Gray, I watched the whole thing, and I am not one bit sorry.
Jocelyn Almirola Amazing work preparation smooth and clean factory
a shout Can't believe it's almost all done manually. I thought there'll be a lot of machine work. Impressive
Angie Salcedo Garcia Just amazing, bless these people and many others who work together in farms and factories to make our meals or provide us with the ingredients to make our meals around the world.
LITSPOH CHANNEL 138 likes cake factory thank you for sharing your video full support from Japan
Debra Blanson Love how hygienic everything is.
Mother of the Orcas I want to eat them all God bless the workers they so good at this!

Liz Beth How absolutely fascinating. I never even thought about how mass-produced cakes were made and still so much attention to detail for the end product to come out looking so beautiful. Really heavy work though.
blackberry I really sat here and watch this in silence
우주세기푸우 아니 공장에서 자동으로 한다고 해서 로봇이 샥샥 크림도 뱔라주고 토핑도 척척 얹어주는줄 알았는데 양만 많지 그냥 사람이 거의 하는거구만
Tsultrim Sangmo Excellent art of cake making skill simple awesome, looking super yummy n each n every one handling their art of preparation till the end n packing wow
Thu Tran An amazing smart youtube channel with English so that everyone in different countries can enjoy, love it!
anettolimpia900 It is the most beautiful thing which I saw at YT :D Jahan Kelova Wonderful teamwork! Everything looks amazing