Are people eat meat? humanity should be ashamed

Are people eat meat? humanity should be ashamed ////// Theos Nayan I can't believe humans would actually do this. This is just cruel.///// Zartosht Sassani An eye opening video...really so sad! ///// Tobie Mangione absolutely heartbreaking...I wish I can save them all but I became vegetarian 20yrs ago, not much, I wish I can do more //// aleksred77 This makes me ashamed to be a human being.When the day of reckoning comes,we`ll have so much to answer for that nothing will ever redeem us! ///// T.C. Renno Thank you for show us all the bad people that deserve go to hell.Jesus, please give freedon for all this innocents animals. Fron my heart , help them, for God!//// lynette cuttriss I wonder who CAN face this awful truth. I can. No Curiousity means No Care about such sad and horrible things.///// Adolf Strikes Back Yes I also care about this sort of thing... why not. Halal and Kosher practices should be outlawed not only here in the UK by all western nations should outlaw them. Those practices are most brutal and the animals are also kept as badly as the films you have shown highlight. We all need to stop industrialized farming and one way to do this is to stop going into these big commercial fast food places like McDonalds and Burger King and Wendy's or what ever major food-chain you have in your country. These industrial farms are a result of our laziness, our apathy and our careless lives and attitudes. They will carry on supplying our demand, thus these animals will carry on being treated so badly.I'm not an advocate for meat free diets, I love steak, i love chicken and i love pork, but then again, i thankfully have the benefit of living in a part of the country (in the UK) that still has traditional farming and the farm is open to the public (i go there to buy things a few times a year) and the farm is also open to schools for the children to go see the animals and learn things about them and farming.The problem is industrial farming, stop it by stopping eating from fast food places.///// Rajneesh Basnet i wish this earth would come to an end.. this is sad.. i wish human went vegan ///// Andy Vegan This was extremely hard to watch...I cried a few. I gave myself a day. I watched the whole thing and I don't know if I feel more angry or sad. These people are monsters. They obviously take pleasure in what they do. Please don't eat animals! Try Vegan!///// KATIA ENGEL Thanks for posting this terrible video. I knew it was bad to raise pigs in those industrial farms. this is why I am vegetarian, but I never watched such an intense report. It makes you hate the whole humanity!!!////// Lynex WOW that's horrible.////// POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA I became vegetarian in Aug 20 2003 after i wrote my book { my pets } ///// my next book {Canada Geese} ///// //////// ////// //////// /////// /////// //////