Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Long Criminal History Exposed!

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Long Criminal History Exposed!//// Elodia Pedraza This so-called Dr. Fauci always contradicts himself he's a liar he's for the left, Don't trust him .///// Brad Tays The World is waking up and there will be Hell to Pay. ///// Nick N Fauci is a criminal and this flu is a organized fraud.//// Sugar Plum If your smart enough and want real answers, DO NOT listen to what you hear in the fake news. For way to many years, this sick SOB's have injected human beings with diseases so they can then come out with a fake cure. Fauci is a fake and needs to be arrested.///// William Kunkel Fauci and Gates need to be Jailed.. BOTH are Criminals. ////// Harold DR Fauci is a criminal. He should be in jail.///// carmen denham Hes a liar and has committed treason against us all ///// Paul Wainuskls Fouchi helped start this pandemic. He should be locked up.///// Robin Nelson he is almost outwardly giggling when stating that this farce is far from over. Just like Gates smiling when talking about depopulation. their inner evil just cannot be hidden. ///// Dan Franklin Dr. Faucis should be held accountable for being a pinhead the medical profession has always been barbaric //// Jordana Shame on all involved in this scam ! They have destroyed so many lives ////// Angela Henkel How are WE ALLOWING THIS TO CONTINUE!!! These “people” have to be fired! ///// D Q Find what Dr. Judy Mikovits has to say about Fauci. She worked with him researching HIV/AIDS. She was jailed to keep her quiet. //// Angela Henkel This sounds exactly like what they’re doing to people now but on the biggest scale ever to include every human being on this planet under this fake pandemic ///// josh young And that’s why the rich stay rich and the poor just get poorer //// Luise Barret Remember Hitlers Doctor Mengele, Fauci is Mengele today evel ///// Vic Brown Criminals walking around right in front of us ///// Tato Verde Fraud and corruption everywhere monopolies and coorporations are in control. Our contitucion starts: We the people. Lets take control ///// Nicona Wilson Fauci is very dirty ///// Nick V Why do we continue to let these criminal murderers run our national health? ///// josh young I getting sick of listening to the lies the government speaks to us , even when DRs. Come forward //// Keep it Real You would think gay men would be taking action for the friends they’ve lost due to all these lies. ///// Tebogo Lebona EVERYDAY WE READ ABOUT THIS GUY AND HE IS STILL CONTINUING, EVEN AFTER HE TOLD EVERYBODY ABOUT THE COMING PANDEMIC UNDER TRUMP?//// Keep it Real Why are these evil people not in prison???? Why do the hundreds of millions of us just accept this horrible treatment from the elite evil drug dealers.///// jonmicsam get rid of gates and faucis and there would be no virus ///// Brian Williams Here’s the deal with all these people that have done wrong. They will be Judged oneday and where they are going for eternity isn’t going to be enough in my book! //// Robert Vazquez Falci, sold his soul to the devil and Bill Gates, is insane but it's just the tip of the iceberg,these sons of Believe. Your days are over. ///// Wanda Nevers Evil people like deep state like fauchi will not let you know they are out to deceive you. It defeats their purpose. It's always cloaked in eloquent speech and even scientific speech and connects their desire for control with peer pressure in some way. Yes, medical tyranny is very real and very cloaked.///// C2yourself Get Judy Mikovitz on every channel. Find her interviews and watch. Fauci and his cohorts need investigating now ///// Rodger Cottrill He helped gates kill millons in Africa an india ///// ABM224REAL F.y.B.y ABM224REAL F.y.B.y Where’s Judy mikovits’s candle and T-shirts? she deserves the credit for aids research .///// Pete Kapinos It’s time to talk about this in terms of Chance of death versus chance of suicide, bankruptcy, poverty, divorce, anxiety, depression, over dose, fatal overdose, alcohol and prescription drug abuse, societal breakdown.///// Andrew Okobah They introduced HIV to reduce the population of Africa and ravage the African continent but it fell short of their target because man is not God, no matter the knowledge that man has. These dangerous group are not relenting. They have now come up with Corona virus to control the world economically, socially and politically. Was it not reported that Fauci and others funnelled money to the labs in Wuhan, China? What does that tell you?///// Elena Yencer There is a question, WHY he is not in a jail yet? ///// Loren Henriksen Babies don't have a immune system until the ages of at least 2-8 years old, so how can you give them any kind of vaccine? ///// jake glenn We need a one million person maskless march on DC. Arrest Fauci and Gates for treason.///// Petter Pam Do you know why AIDS continues to rage is because they're putting it in the vaccines the flu virus especially has HIV in it the flu the flu vaccine I never took a vaccine flu in my life my son was born at 50 years old I took a flu vaccine I was getting sicker and sicker after 4 months I had a heart attack I end up in the hospital with my triglycerides 22,000 and my sugar 1600 dead before I took any flu vaccines I had a massive blood work done everything for my insurance I was in perfectly great health but after the vaccine my life has been destroyed just so they can make money they need to pay for this couch in the rest of them they made me sick Bill Gates pouchee all the governor's the mayor's all of them are part of this the Democratic party and some of the Republican Party need to pay for this crime they need public hangings the clintons the bushes Obama and the rest of what's been part of this need to be fucking murdered and action needs to be taken immediately no more fucking scam no more bullshit sick and fucking tired Trump Todd the fucken take action we are the people and we are ready to hang them cut the heads off use the guillotine Guillotine blade that they bought from Mexico ///// Messenger of God Satanic demons in service of their father satan. They even do not realise how it will go in the eternal great lake of fire.//// Elia Trim This is such an important video. Everybody needs to see this. Thank you for showing us. I hope it will wake more and more people up.///// M M Here come the drums, Fauci, are you ready for the tribunals?!///// Krystal Shepherd Wow.