COVID-19: With Travel Halted, What Happens To The Planes

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COVID-19: With Travel Halted, What Happens To The Planes? With the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines are facing an unparalleled challenge in aviation history - keeping their planes grounded, which is almost as complicated as keeping them in the air. What do airlines have to do to protect their planes as they go into suspended animation? Three asian airlines - Singapore Airlines (SIA), Philippine Airlines (PAL), and AirAsia - undertake the unprecedented feat of keeping their fleet viable even as almost all travel is curtailed.///// Rob Wigle Πριν από 3 μήνες As a recently retired Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, this is a nice acknowledgement to a largely unrecognized profession. ///// Fadzhil Bakar this is actually a very emotional episode, maybe i was hesitant to see the world is changing right in front of my eyes ///// Marius M Impressive: These men and woman are exceptionally competent. Truly inspirational and informative. I really enjoyed this level of information, logistical dexterity and commitment to their profession. terrific. ///// Azel Joy Portugues I am pissed off with Air Asia for cancelling my flights many times. But after watching this video, I just started crying. Especially when one engineer spoke about him missing his wife and daughter.This pandemic indeed affect and hurt us in different ways and levels of our lives.May God bless everyone. And maybe I should try to be more nderstanding and open my eyes that it's not just me suffering.////// Davis Urdaneta Kudos to these engineers! They are playing such a very important role in aviation behind the scene.///// athish ck There r a millon people who sacrifice their lifes for us and gets the least recognition. Salute to our engineers ///// Andrew Andrew As a former aircraft maintenance crew, l know what it is to make an aircraft ready for flying. For all the maintenance crew those who are still on jobs and those who were laid off thank you for keeping the planes flying in safety conditions. God Bless You.///// Luthaniel Pok Massive respects to these engineers who keeps the plane save for everyone. It is one heck of a job and gosh the dedication levels are insane //// Mark My Words As a fellow Technician of 32 years I share your pain. We work to maintain aircraft for safe flight and to see so many beautiful aircraft grounded is very disheartening. We love our work and feel a sense of pride every time we do our job and get our passengers to their destinations safe. Stay safe my brothers we soon will be flying again...///// kswsquared The passengers' lives are in the hands of the pilots, the pilots' and the passenger's lives are in the hands of the aircraft engineers (and the ATCs). ////// Kenneth Seet Touching documentary of the sacrifices these flight engineers make to ensure that we can all fly again once this pandemic is over. At the end of the storm is the clear blue skies of hope and rejuvenation! ///// A. Rothschild Shout out to Filipinos, they are such hard workers ///// john balme am a retired A/C engineer and i would like to say that A this is a very good video and B i am very impressed with the professional standards of the filipinos engineers they are A+ in every way.///// Lindsay Moore Singapore airlines is by far the best airline i have flown with.. great service, food, smiling always and watching their staff doing their checks makes me feel great to know their attitude of greatness extends to their employees and safety ...VERY IMPRESSED SINGAPORE ....I AM AUSTRALIAN BY THE WAY not Singaporean.///// Sunil Chacko A really awesome documentary by CNA team covering the technical and human challenges. Great job CNA team for such high quality content and hats off to the Engineers and support staff.////// Ed Vergara I can’t believe I watched the whole video. Very interesting and informative. There’s a lot of work that goes into keeping the planes in tip top shape and safe condition. Nice coverage of the people responsible for keeping the planes flying safely.///// Jarutat Snidwongse Fantassttic documentary. Learnt so much! My dad was a fighter pilot and I forwarded this video to him too. Thanks for making this doc and making these unsung hero shine.//// Paul Hodgson Wow! Makes me want to fly only this Airline! So professional Thanks for your hard work.///// The Jubilees Project One of the most educational docs I've seen on YouTube in a while. Thanks! Sharing it now. ///// POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA UNDER TRAVEL