Carol Channing - Theater Legend Biography

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Carol Channing - Theater Legend Biography //// devydu On 1/15/19, our beloved legendary Carol Channing crossed over from Broadway star to heaven's brightest star, where she is now singing & dancing on God''s big stage in the sky for all eternity! God bless you, Carol, and thank you for all your wonderous joy & big smile you brought to this world! //// Kitty The Dancer I love Carol Channing in Thoroughly Modern Millie! "Raspberries!"//// Michael JoToya Jackson And Carol Channing did it all with being half black passing for all white. Her biological father was black.///// Asylum Choir There will never be another like Carol Channing. She’s flawless.////// Terry LaBolt This was before Jerry's Girls, but she might have worn it in that show. She often recycled outfits. Meanwhile, this was actually The Tonight Show, and Joan was subbing for Johnny. I know because that's me on the piano... choreography by the great Honi Coles.//// Alan Eichler Carol Channing is joined by "Hello, Dolly!" composer Jerry Herman and former "Lorelei" co-star Dody Goodman for this rare 1977 TV appearance with Dinah Shore. Carol demonstrates the famous eating scene from "Dolly," sings "So Long Dearie" with Herman at the piano and dances a wild charleston with Dody.///// Kenneth Desmond Mosley Nothing will ever capture the joy of seeing Carol Channing live. She just doesn’t transfer. Somehow what can be bothersome on film is riveting on stage.//// Geoffrey Fox Carol was magic on stage. I saw her in Broadway shows and in her one-woman show. She was electric.////// Del Cee Carol Channing was made for the stage. Tall, big round eyes, big mouth with a full set of big teeth. She owned the stage! //// djbside1965 RIP Ms. Channing and thanks for the memories. You will be sadly missed. //// Ona Corona Well Hello Dolly, I will miss hearing you sang that song which was your signature song. Rest in peace Ms. Channing //// Stevebaby123 An incredible talent in Hello Dolly. She was far more versatile than ever given credit. I think she just never wanted to break from the persona she created and it became a trap. You can compare interviews years apart and she has the same stories played out almost like a monologue. But make no mistake, she understands comedy like no other. Her show with Pearl Bailey is awesome. In the characters she plays you realize her usual persona is actually a character, too. Thanks for posting.///// Lake Michigan Carol Channing always sang like she thought she could - and she always made it work.//// Barry I. Grauman "Mr. Adams" was played by Parley Baer.///// Bob Sebring RIP to one of the greats. Hollywood just doesn't make real stars anymore. ///// Joe CobbThe problem with Carol Channing is that she is so intelligent and had so much natural talent that the entertainment industry didn't know what to do with it. It couldn't be contained within the bounds of the traditional entertainment vehicles. Nevertheless, I love to see her work, and I find her to be most enjoyable when she is natural and unrestricted. Her glorious personality comes alive when she is unconfined, such as in an interview session or when giving a speech.///// latino heat Did carol ever wear her own hair //// J. Louis V.At the Kennedy Airport, Miss Channing was about to get into a long long white limo, when I yelled out to her, "Love you Carol !" She stopped, looked at me with roses in her arms, walk up to me and gave me a huge hug and said " Love you too darling. " than a big man took her arm and escorted to her limo and she was whisked away. When I got into my taxi, I found a single rose petal stuck in my jacket. I still have it. What a thrill, what a true lady and legend. One classy women indeed to treat her fans with such love. Bless her.///// lilyvampwolf Gosh I love Carol Channing shes adorable ///// Emmanuel Jones What a beautiful spirit Ms.Channing had. RIP to a wonderful person ///// Chuck Turner She wasn't shameless that was her schtick! She was hilarious at all times!!////// Bev Taylor I love their love when they discover that it is she! She is just so amazingly delightful!!! She just MUST have TWO "happy genes"!//// bro sans Miss Channing, a top notch ENTERTAINER!!//// coolsweetgroovy I luv Carol she's the first bi-racial starlet in hollywood and she's cool //// Carol Elaine Channing was an American actress, singer, dancer, and comedian, known for starring in Broadway and film musicals. Her characters usually had a fervent expressiveness and an easily identifiable voice, whether singing or for comedic effect. Wikipedia ///// POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA