Nikola Tesla The Greatest Genius who Ever Lived.

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Nikola Tesla The Greatest Genius who Ever Lived. Thank you Keen for sponsoring this video! Click here to get the first 3 minutes of your Keen psychic reading free: /////We know Nikola Tesla as an inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer. With over 700 international patents at the time of his death, The Serbian American immigrant catapulted humanity into an entirely new age - a world powered and lit by alternating electrical current. And that’s just the beginning. Hundreds of electrical mediums we use today were sourced in his head: turbine engines, electric railroads, neon and fluorescent lighting, wireless radio communication, X-rays, remote control and speedometers, just to name a few. Much of what he invented did not even take form for decades to come... For example, his ideas were also the foundations of modern humanoid robotics, drones, helicopters, guided missiles and torpedoes, solar and wind power, even cell phone technology. Written & Narrated by E. Firestone Music: Kevin Macleod - Dark Walks Scenes from the following productions were used under Fair Use:Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison - National Geographic Free Energy of Tesla - Movie //// Bad Man Skill Tesla was the greatest mind of the 20th century! JP Morgan and Edison really screwed him over. They didn't want free energy, the needed more profit! But how much money do these people need? It's never enough. They're sick! ///// Yelamini Keen Πριν από 1 χρόνο Let's all pray for Nikola Tesla, May God bless him with one of the highest places in heaven and justice, May he be blessed with heavenly sight, and garments. May he be under the throne of God. Guided with the light of God, May God be his friend. May Tesla be crowned, May Tesla be granted luxuries of heaven, soo many luxuries, that only the very purest of heart will be granted, and may his knowledge increase a Brazilian times and may he be blessed with blessings from the most high. May justice be granted to him. May God be happy with him and his existence AMEN. Nikola Tesla, u are one of the example of a person human aspirations. This man's knowledge makes me wanna cry an ocean. He clearly shows us, there is still hope. Nikola Tesla. We love u. I hope God is proud of u.//// The genius Siah To me, he’s basically like what jesus is to Christians. I thank him for what he’s done for us.///// Ruinex Oh my god I am truely schocked to learn about his life in some details. I am currently a junior student in electrical and electronics engineering and I can say this video inspired me so much that I'm super hyped for my future career and what I could achieve for humanity.///// Nasriyn9 I would’ve loved to meet him! What a great loss to our civilization! //// STEVE SRAN THEY HAD TESLA DIGGING DITCHES FOR PROJECTS THAT WERE NOT HIS OWN ...UNBELIEVABLE TESLA DIED BROKE & HUNGRY JUMPING HOTEL TO HOTEL WHAT A GOD DAMN SHAME ....THIS MAN WAS A GENIUS..///// Baksho Dhadda Πριν από 1 χρόνο (τροποποιήθηκε) Nikola Tesla never got the respect he deserved, surrounded by a bunch of con men whom were jealous and felt intimidated by his brilliant mind,these People that surround him had no conscience,no morals or guilt, well as time goes by, people are seeing the truth,Tesla we love ya,and respect all your hard work, a true humanitarian and the most brilliant mind in history ,Tesla such a humble soul,he said I don’t care they stole my ideas,I care that they never had any of there own! Never been anyone like him since in history,a true genius,and truly one of a kind! Whom wanted genuinely from his head and heart the best for humanity! ///// Mike Pererishich Tesla is my fellow Serbian countryman, and I am so proud of him. If his free and clean energy Wardenclyffe tower were not vandalized by J.P. Morgan, we would not have poverty anywhere in the world, no wars, no pollution, no disease, we would truly be living in a paradise.///// Feel Good Grow Wealthy Sabrina.C It's ashame he die alone, broke. He was worth millions...///// Chris Moore I've seen quite a few videos on YouTube about Nikola Tesla but this one by far is my favorite! I must also admit that the voice of the narrator speaks with the most pleasurable of frequencies.( Written & Narrated by E. Firestone ) I always look forward to her uploads! //// Shadow Veil Tesla is my hero! The world is finally ready for his genius inventions. If only sociopaths in high places would allow us to have them... Thank you Nikola Tesla, for your sacrifices, your long hours of work, your brilliance, and your priceless inventions.//// andy m great vid . ive been banging on about Tesla for many years to all who suffer my presence but im loving this truly beautiful soothing female voice! we would all be occupying other planets by now if she taught science in high schools, totally beautifully delivered ! many thanks!///// BlessedMom810 Wow what a great man wise beyond his time may God bless his soul!! It's crazy how this world always tear down all the great people of the world!!!!! ///// Remedy Quanah Pontas Blanco Wow....Dameon this was wonderful!. You finally fed our minds with great history! Congratulations. very impressive...///// Splinter In The Mind Edison was a crook .. holding hands with the budding deep state.//// WarGrrl3 Thank you so very much for this vid. I have always been drawn to, n felt a connection w, Tesla. I too, have so many thoughts n ideas that I know could help Humanity but am afraid would be twisted into something ugly and violent and destructive by the powers that be. Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest humanists that has ever lived. Many Blessings..//// Tobias Lauruschkat I Wonder if we Ever get to See anyone close to him again ///// Goran Todorovski The greatest men ever live on this planet.///// Erik Nilsson Best video ever! Amazing man, the laser weaponry and the LIDAR radar systems the military uses is ALL Tesla knowledge.... Sad how crooked our super wealthy have always been ///// Mr Bulgaria pepi Oh thank you this video was so good it was fantastic and the background music was so nice this video was full of details and the research was greatly appreciate, so thank you very much for sharing very nice /// Colombian flag Thanks for sharing such at great documentary about this genius man.//////// Flak Jack Ed Tesla’s legacy lives on with Elon Musk and Tesla cars.///// (MR. FLAK ED THE Tesla’s legacy HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH with Elon Musk and Tesla cars. (Please correct your comments) ///// POSTED IN BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA