THE-THIRD-VISITOR ///// Demetrius White I love classic nostalgic old black and white movies//// Lee Larson Yes, I agree that movies like this are far superior to the garbage that's been coming out of Hollywood in recent years. Anyone who wants to coax the film-makers into doing something better, without the foul language and nude scenes, should avoid paying the ticket prices at the theater and settle for videos at home.//// Franklin NJ I know we are watching these movies for free, but considering they are over 60 years old their good acting with long dialogues is appreciated, these days actors say 2 lines and they have to cut to a different take. God knows how many times they have to repeat scenes cause they cannot hold a conversation for longer than 2-3 lines. //// Glenn Vieregge Dana Andrew's comes to mind. Talk about an actor in a crime noir thriller. Anyone agree.//// Matt Deans WOW what a great movie! Great plot, great characters and what an ending. Thanks for a great post. ....lying, cheating, murder, deception and all with that wonderful English perfect-manners style.///// Richard Dominguez "The Third Visitor" 1951 ... marvelous story, excellent performances, kept me on the edge of my seat to the very end, thanks for the upload ///// Babsrito Purrito An excellent film on every level. From acting skill to story line. From beginning to end. Thank you for this interesting British movie! //// Ειρήνη Θεοδωρίδου Thank you so much for sharing these movies with us! It's been a pleasure watching it!! My best wishes from me, here in Greece- ! ///// John T. Belt Sorry ; all I can say now is wow ! Totally outstanding ! Thank you for sharing this masterpiece .///// Elizabeth Smith Love these old black and white movies, they bring back such happy childhood memories of my grandmother and how she and I watched them together. Sleep peacefully Grandma, until we meet again in Gods Earthly Paradise.///// POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA