Roy Orbison in Roy Orbison Sings (1975)

Roy Orbison in Roy Orbison Sings (1975) ///// Margarete Tetens He has got a voice of his own,no one sings like Roy Orbison! Just love him. His songs go right through you! RIP ,like Elvis you will never be forgotten! ///// rae0521 We who just watch and listen for 30 minutes likely don't even think about the THOUSANDS OF HOURS it has taken Roy and his musicians to WRITE, ARRANGE, LEARN and PRACTICE them until perfect, and then PERFORM them... and I haven't even mentioned the UNIQUE TALENT of Roy Orbison it took to put it all together. //// Ozmulki Roy had an amazing range in voice stretching over two-four octaves! He often sounded like an Opera singer! What a legacy in song he left us. His multi-octave-spanning power singing gave him the ability to hit the biggest notes and still sound unspeakably sad at the same time.//// John Terruso Roy Orbison was , is and will be ever the man that I admired from the first time I heard him to the last time that I saw him in person. Thank you Roy. rest in peace. //// Chris Evans Roy Orbison.... The greatest singer of feeling , mood, and harmonies...... If a voice could create colours..... His would paint a million Rainbows!!.......R.ORBISON (rip) //// Dianne Ellison I listen to Roy when I was 16 and now I'm 70, Love Roy Orbison. I have a CD. that I play in my car and sing his songs going down the road. Could listen day and night to his music and voice. Never will there be another smooth voice, Roy Orbison my Favorite Singer of all times. RIP ///// Shelly Hatherly Brilliant - absolute perfection. There will NEVER be anyone who can come close to touching Roy's voice... it's beyond mesmerizing.. ///// Joe Petrizzo roy died way to young of a heart attack, your music lives on roy and may you r.i.p. amen. ///// Ed Goyette I’m 81 and still love Roy’s great voice ///// Margarete Tetens He is singing non stop,I can listened to Roy all day long.he is one of a kind.A legend. It breaks my heart he left this world all to soon just imagine all the more songs we would enjoy.RIP Angel//// Joan Jones One of the world's greatest singers ever. His guitar and voice just sends chills up my spine even to this day.....even 50 years later he can make me cry and thrill! No one else is like this....his simple humble presentations of his music - so touching and he endured an inhuman amount of tragedy and loss in his life. What a hero! I love him. RIP Roy. I love you.//// Bill Brower I was lucky enough to see Roy twice !! The first time it was at Madison Square Garden (around this time period). I shook his hand when he left the stage !!! The second time in1982(83) in a very small club called Sundance, in Bayshore, L.I. I stood 5 feet from him the entire concert. He was a BEAUTIFUL MAN WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICE OF ALL !!!!!!!!!! I WILL SEE HIM AGAIN IN HEAVEN !!!!!!! ///// Orbison was very shy and suffered from severe stage fright; wearing sunglasses helped him hide somewhat. The sunglasses led some people to assume he was blind.Born April 23, 1936 Vernon, Texas, U.S.Died December 6, 1988 (aged 52) Hendersonville, Tennessee, U.S.