Journey to Forgiveness Abuses of the Indian Boarding Schools

Journey to Forgiveness Abuses of the Indian Boarding Schools //// Documentary on the Abuses of the Indian Boarding Schools. Discusses the intergenerational trauma in native communities.///// Carole Meloni This is very painful to watch, I have spent the last five years researching what happened to my father and trying to come to grips with what happened to so many of my people. I went to Vancouver Island University and got myself a Bachelor Degree in First Nations ///// Paradise Victor My Mom went to one of those schools, she never supported me beyond a certain point. Now I understand why she can't or won't talk about what they did to her, so I had to look deeper and guess what happened //// Eric creapener I attended one of the forgiveness circles,it felt so good to share in the healing of the past. At the time i was caught off guard by my own flood of feelings and grief. In the end, i felt proud and honored to be apart of of this forgiveness movement.///// Joe Eigo I feel called to do healing ceremonial work with many native people around the world. Invoke the violet flame and summon elemental beings to change the weather for the better. ///// Trude Scharff Least we ever forget that the least of us in the eyes of others, always go first, and then it's our turn......we must remember and speak the story ....recognize, acknowledge, forgive and change. This documentary is, for me, beyond words on so many levels. My heart is deeply moved and changed forever by the people and the courage of their telling. Much gratitude for the documentary and I commit to continue to share it ongoing. Thank you.///// Poppy Pocket This is a beautiful documentary. The truth will set you free. I can't believe your government hasn't apologized or let alone openly acknowledge for the abuse of your people, (and I've just put that lightly) that has and still does today affect your lives. Don't let the government hide you away and silence you!!!!! I live in New Zealand and the natives were treated very similar to your elders, the Europeans tried to kill their language, culture and traditions and also their identity (forbidding them to wear their cultural tattoos one, in particular, the moko on the face) very rarely will you see that nowadays. If or when you do.... The women are beautiful with them. You can tell them very proud to wear them. This Country's government had apologized to my people in Samoa for the dawn raid's that occurred here against my people and for The "Mau" the massacre of the Samoans back home. But thats another story cos anger is starting to set in. Anyhow be strong and have faith because there is hope. There are plenty of people who are supporting you and believe in you. :) If the Maori are still thriving, and the Samoans..... So can you, and you will. God bless you. ///// vince ambrose I am Hesquiaht1st Nations of the Nuu-chah-nulth from British Columbia, Canada.I presented my testimony at the Truth & Reconciliation program.I was taken away when I was 6yrs old & was there for several yrs.I was sexually abused in rez school by an older student,I tried to report what was happening to me but the supervisors called me a liar My life was a mess long after coming out of Rez school I held my secret for 35 yrs. Your stories are painful like how mine was, ok have a good healing journey. //// Jack Trippa I'm here cause my Canadian friend told me this happened there called the Canadian Indian residential school system. it happened in Australia too called The Stolen Generations.///// Popit Molly This is a long awaited awakening. The tragedy and the road to recovery recorded here tells the story of what is wrong with the world, how our societies are collapsing under the weight of past tragedies, how today's tragedies will affect tomorrow because they go untreated, unresolved and unforgiven. The difference between the American Indian account is that they are actively working to heal individually and as a family. Healing is the critical part of the cycle that is sadly lacking across the globe. I have absolute respect for these wise spiritual people, they will succeed. As for the rest of us, maybe someday we will make a start, for now, we are deliberately blinded and confused by the words and actions of those in power so much so that sadly we have a long long way to go.///// Reva Elias Well I mean every single word. I have no native American in me and to be moved like this was so rewarding to me. I was told by a medium that a native American is with me and to not be afraid because they know I am trying to help. I do not know what that means but if there were some way I could help I certainly would. My heart just aches for the children and the families that were torn apart. And then nothing becomes of it. I think a holiday should be set aside and a day "For the Children."////// Midna Urthqua Thank you for this. Thank you very much! Today is a good day; I see people rising, people not defeated. Hurt people make excellent healers...I wonder if not your path through depth and darkness will in the end bring healing to all....There is a passage in the Bible where people say to The Nazarene;" but Lord, have we not worked and prophesied in Your name?"...and He will say to them; go away from Me, I have never known you".And it is these people, who do not understand, neither earth nor water, neither Creator nor fellowman, who need healing the most. I pray you will walk blessed and strong, my spirit walks with you. Thank you so much..///// .Lisa Batten So much in my past makes so much sense now. I am half Potawatomi and Chippewa Indian and German. My mother’s side of the family is my Native half. On this side of my family every single person was at one time or still is an active alcoholic. Including my mother. She has been sober for almost 18 years. Thank goodness. Thank you for sharing this. It has really opened my eyes and helped me put two and two together. My heart is broken for all of my elders that had to endure this abuse and neglect. Thank you for bringing our culture back to life. Magwitch ////! ArizonaN8tive THANK YOU DON COYHIS FOR MAKING THIS DOCUMENTARY AND ALL THE WORK YOU DO FOR OUR PEOPLES. MUCH APPRECIATED!!! ///// Rose Howell Unbelievable, shame shame shame on the Government. I have not cried so much as I am this morning in a very long time . U-ne-hla-nv-hi s-gi-nv-wa-ga with the opportunity to get to Colorado to the teaching and training for White Bison for you know what is in my heart, And I wonder if all my pain and trauma has been influenced by my elders, elders who were killed on the trail of tears? My own past addiction and anger "INTERGENERATIONAL TRAUMA" Finally I feel I am beginning to understand !! ////// Kim Randall I am African American and I want to say that I am so sorry to all Native American People for how you have been treated. You are forever in my prayers.//// Gwen Trujillo Everyone should see this it's still Native American Heritage Month....How ironic...Adama Tova, It needs to be said - that the Roman Catholic Church - is directly responsible for these crimes.////// Reva Elias Wow, this was so so worth watching!! I wish this would be shown in schools. All I can say is a shame that the government did to these people. If I could apologize for a whole nation I would.///// Steve Copeland A thousand thank yous. It will be an honor to share this healing work.//// Janet Walmsley-Heron This is so honest and so truthful and I am praying for this Healing process to grow and increase and that families will all rise again and Be Healed and then help one another to grow and transform and be strong again and better than ever one could imagine. Let LOVE GROW and this documentary is a wonderful testimony to their inner strength and survival ability. the sharing stories will help them heal but the world does need to hear these testimonies and every Senator needs to see this Documentary and every school in the United States yes they need to show this and learn the truth for what was done so unjustly and with evil intent to all the Native American people and not hide the TRUTH that GENOCIDE was its GOAL. But they FAILED because the people are still here, maybe a remnant but they can grow again and all they need now is their land back or what is left of it if any or the long-overdue COMPENSATION from the American Governments up until 1993. Good luck and be blessed and Healed and protected from all evil.////// Shian Fairbanks This is SOOOOO important for our People to watch, to understand, to really heal as a people and become one with the Seen and Unseen Worlds again. I fully and completely agree with your message. I wish I were able to do more to get the word out, but will continue to repost this in hopes that more people will see it!///// International Youth Leadership Institute (IYLI) Thank you for producing this powerful story with universal truths to teach and guide people who have been deeply hurt. ////// Janjay Kupjinkleheimer-Schmidt I will be using this video in our Shoshone Youth Language Apprenticeship program this summer. Thank you! ///// OhSuzeyQ It was the exact same in Canada. First Nations are still treated horribly. ///// katsitsawaks By educating the youth and others today. Let them know the truth and keep it alive. I have many white friends who ask me the same question. You have a great understanding of the seriousness and pain this has caused, you're already on the right track. It is people like you outside of First Nations that will help this healing process.//// Odee Dillon Sharing this..Thanks for posting.///// POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA