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The Shawshank Redemption Morgan Freeman Tim Robbins Bob Gunton Clancy Brown William Sadler Jeffrey De Munn Gil Bellows Mark Rolston //// Adam Jennings I watch this movie everytime I see a bad one, just to remind myself that incredibly great movies exist //// Red-Tail It amazes me how a movie can be THIS good. Everyone deserves to see this. ///// Jo Reddick I'm 24. It's 2018 and this is the first time I've ever watched this movie. Can't remember the last time I was moved like this simply by watching a film. I guess you really can tell when a movie is good. //// GodOfHate The sad thing is how often hope is forgotten and discarded. I served a 17 month stint in prison, not even close to 'hard time'. I met people who had been in prison longer than I'd been alive, and most of them would never leave prison alive. A lot of them weren't murderers or rapists, but got 3 strikes and struck out, life without parole. Most of them know this and don't even think about it. They live their lives the best they can; watch tv, work for $1 an hour if they're lucky, walk the track at yard everyday. Eventually you adapt and realize that's your life. You'll never have a normal life with a wife and kids (unless theyll visit you for a few hours a week). Your life will be the four walls around you. That's what made me turn my life around and never go back. Im thankful everyday I don't have to go through what they do. I'm thankful I haven't given up hope.//// Timothy Bond probably the best prison movie of all time //// tcdahn7 Best movie ever made. I have seen this probably 40 to 50 times. I have bought it on nearly every format. /// Theeflea03 thank god i watched the movie before the trailer, this gives away the whole damn plot! //// GERMON BEAUTY Movie was so good. Go Andy! Morgan should’ve gotten his Oscar award //// Male Walrus DID YOU KNOW: STEPHEN KING WROTE THIS BOOK. //// Madeline A few years ago, I went to the Ohio State Reformatory where this movie was filmed at and it was one of the coolest experiences I've had. Such a great movie //// scottylover Kellar get busy living or get busy dying. how true. amazing story by Stephen King. I never cared for his writing till now. the book is actually a novella, very short. Robbins should have won Best Actor for this.//// Peter Foto After watching awesome movies like this you realize how much crappy films are really out there and made everyday.//// Edgar Rosales This is the best movie I've ever seen! I heard Andy Frisella recommending to watch the movie on his podcast. Just watched for the first time in 2018 and immediately became my favorite movie ever.//// Elfrin Morales The best movie of all Time (Past, Present, and Future) /// POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA the ending in memory of ALLEN GREENE ///// Morgan Freeman Re-Enacts The Shawshank Redemption | The Graham Norton Show ///// Morgan Freeman's Top 10 Rules For Success