Abuses of the Indian Boarding Schools

Documentary on the Abuses of the Indian Boarding Schools. Discusses the intergenerational trauma in native communities. Carole Meloni This is very painful to watch, I have spent the last five years researching what happened to my father and trying to come to grips with what happened to so many of my people. I went to Vancouver Island University and got myself a Bachelor Degree in First Nations Studies and discovered who I am proud to be. I am sharing this truth.///// Marian Squeoch /// To my niece Lorrie Adams: You asked me one time about my experience in government boarding school. I've come to the point in my life when I can talk about it. One thing I can say is that government boarding school taught me self-determination and independence. I can describe my being there at the government boarding school as being cultural deprived. One of these days, I will sit with you and tell you my story. Awtawishaash ///// Charlie Genereaux survivor from Holy Childhood Boarding School for Indians. 1978-79-80. I was 10, 11, 12. Breaks my heart to remember these times. Learned to Not use drugs n alcohol to chase away the pain. Took a long time to clear the fog. Now??? I just live with it......everyday //// Poppy Pocket This is a beautiful documentary. The truth will set you free. I can't believe your government hasn't apologised or let alone openly acknowledge for the abuse of your people, (and I've just put that lightly) that has and still does today affect your lives. Don't let the government hide you away and silence you!!!!! I live in New Zealand and the natives were treated very similar to your elders, the Europeans tried to kill their language, culture and traditions and also their identity (forbidding them to wear their cultural tattoos one in particular the moko on the face) very rarely will you see that nowadays. If or when you do.... The women are beautiful with them. You can tell they a very proud to wear them. This Country's government had apologised to my people in Samoa for the dawn raid's that occurred here against my people and for The "Mau" the massacre of the Samoans back home. But thats another story cos anger is starting to set in. Anyhow be strong and have faith because there is hope. There are plenty of people who are supporting you and believe in you. :) If the Maori are still thriving, and the Samoans..... So can you, and you will. God bless you. ///// Jan Deeg Where I grew up and still live I saw Western movies and was given the Hollywood-version of the "Indian"' a bloodthirsty and fierce person with a lot of pride and attitude! As I became older I realized that this could not be the right depiction of them, so I started to watch a lot of You tube video's about "Indians". As I watched them, I became more and more aware of the other story, I know better now, but not everything.Where once there were simple living people, there are now people stricken by grief and not knowing what their real ancient ways were, troubled by alcoholisme and drug abuse.It is, even to me (a dutchman), very sad to see what went on in those days, in the name of government, Church and profit.Thanks to those videos, I will teach my children that my country once was a victim of ww2 and recovered from it, but that a Holocaust has succeeded in another time and another place.I can also tell them that things like alienization of children from their roots, concentrationcamps and the belief in the supremacy of a specific race is not an invention of the nazis.I thank all those people who uploaded these very informative and educational videos. ///// grace413ful I am forever grateful for those who shared their stories. My ancestors would not speak of things in the past so I am learning truth from you who were willing to share your experience. I understand the pain of relieving tragic experiences as I have had to take a similar journey to forgiveness. We are now free to heal, to teach, so others can heal and be free. I have believed for a long time that forgiveness has to be the key to restoration and reconciliation but could not picture how that would look or where to begin where it concerns our culture. This documentary is a wonderful tool that I will embrace and use in teaching as a social worker. Thank you to all who have committed to this labor of love for future generations!! ///// Anna Caddo I needed to see this. I have done reports over the conditions in our communities and how it is related to the trauma of our peoples past. I made the same points as this video. It's almost freaky to me how similar it is. I never associated it to me though, until tonight when I watched this. I remembered something I told one of my Face Book friends. I have to make a conscience effort to hug and tell my children I love them. If I didn't think about it, I wouldn't do it cause it's not natural to me. My father and mother went to boarding schools. I never heard any of their stories and now I never will because they have past. It is probably for the best because I don't think I would be able to forgive. By no means did I suffer like the actual attendees at the those horrible places but I can sympathize. My father toke me away from my mother and the only family I knew to be with him and his new wife who disliked my poor, disfunctual, alcoholic mother. Between his new wife and her child who said she loved me to my face but made sure no one else would by lying about me (telling the truth about herself but saying it was me), I endured my fair share of abuse, I guess you can call it that. I feel guilty calling it abuse because I have heard some traumatic stories that make mine sound like nothing to be complaining about. I remember the pain in my heart and the longing to be with my Mother, brothers and sisters. At least I had my dad, even if he did end up hating me in the end because all he ever heard about me was bad. I can not imagine the pain and hurt these survivors went threw. At first I was crying for them, then I realized I am them. My kids will be us if I don't do something to stop the cycle. Going to watch this again and again until it resonates in me and I take the start the healing process. I cant believe I never put it together for myself. It's going to a long and hard road but like this video said, knock us down, we will get back up and go at it again. Thank you.////// linda bruner I loved this so much .It is about time the truth is out there for all of u that don't know it.yes I was sad n I cried alot during this document but I was so glad that it was finally being told as an elder this rocks me to the core I understand the generational pain that is caused generations of generations of pain for my tribe other tribes my children my grandchildren my great grandmother my great grandfather all the people that I love so dearly that has went through this that lived in boarding schools I am just in awe I'm so proud of those who completed this documentaries and those who took the time to go on this recovery of wellness and our hearts and our culture to return. ///// Konscious Girl How do you go all over the earth destroying the lives of the indigenous people and then want to profess to be the moral authority of the world? This has happened in all South American countries, Canada, the U.S., Australia, the Pacific Islands, etc. etc. sickening!!! //// Pearl Barkley I am an African American and can relate to this history and experience of my Brothers and Sisters, First Americans, from Turtle Island because it mirrors and is part of my own. I have been told that the mother of my grandmother is a Native or First American. My grandmother was an orphan so this is the story which was passed on.... Yes, you remain...... as we remain. This is really a joyful time. YOU demonstrate the power of the ancestors and their indomitable, unconquerable spirit that makes YOU great! To quote Jessie Williams, "Just because we magic, doesn't mean we not real!"