Canada's Dark Secret In 1996, the last residential school in

Canada's Dark Secret In 1996, the last residential school in Canada was closed down, bringing to light horrifying //// Albert Mag "When they first arrived, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said to us: close your eyes and pray. So we closed our eyes and prayed. When we opened our eyes, we had the Bible and they had the land.- A tribal chieftain //// world why TFI am only 29 years old, have lived in Canada my entire life, and not ONCE in school, was this discussed. I learned about it through my own life experiences and through conversations with others.///// Melody Delgado They murdered a whole generation, my grandma hid me and told me, don't you tell anyone your Indian. I didn't know what she meant my grandma was Shawnee , and I'm proud of it. !! ///// Yellowness Much more than 150,000 children, everyone who elected officials until 1996 supported this atrocity. The government should have been shut down by citizens. This is called genocide. Stand up for Natives.//// Kristina sedlacekMy heart is broken for these people and their families ///// Nancy Antram 50,000 children died, not 6,000. I believe many more died than were buried in secret massed graves ///// John Smith And the Canadian government began to blame China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia because of human rights. Remember Canadian, this happened just 20 years ago. Last residential school was shut down in 1996. ///// Jake Anthony, I knew a lady from Alert Bay on Vancouver Island, who is a survivor of the residential school system. The RCMP came onto the reserve, ripped her away from her family and put her in a residential school, where she remained for 10+ years. She once told me about how she was beaten with a wooden paddle until she could barely walk just for speaking her native language. The residential school system and horrendous mistreatment of aboriginal people is a shameful stain on Canada's history! //// nonblonde35 Boy this is right up there with Auschwitz. I can't believe this could ever happen and no one cared. Ripping children from their homes and family. To be "raised" by strangers. Without even so much as a kind word or a hug. Breaks my heart into pieces. Shame on you Canada.///// Eileen Bagot, I'm close to sixty yrs old and I can remember it like yesterday when my Grandmother told me they tried to scrub off her color with some kind of hard brush then she would bleed. So many wrongs on so many levels! My name is Colleen Sanderson I am Cree and Saulteux.. It definitely has an effect on generation upon generation. I know too that there were mass burials of children found by the horrific schools. ///// Lonely Loser I'm a 12-year old Ojibway from Eabametoong First Nation. My grandpa is a residential school survivor he said they thrown the dead children outside ////// Stuart O'Neill The Queen and Prince Philip took some native children on a picnic from KEMLOOPS RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL never to be seen again //// 7 Tâpwêwin I was taught so much more about Greek mythology and ancient Egypt than what happened in Canada. Canada is trying to hide the ongoing genocide ///// Malcolm Holmes I’m 35 and only learned of all this last year in college as I’m just going back to do some schooling now that my children are older. Part of what makes me SO beyond angry is by keeping us in the dark we have no idea the level of hatred many of the indigenous community has for us and is waiting out there when we unwittingly become involved in the dispute. Dispute we don’t even know is there to the degree that it is. . I’ve been physically assaulted for handing a native guy who politely asked for a smoke ( this was a about 5 years ago before I quit) by I’m assuming his gf. I was VIOLENTLY shoved to the ground from the side LITERALLY as I was backing away saying your welcome. He approached me. Then did nothing when that happened. I am much more wary now and it may have been helpful to learn all this earlier so we could grow up earning one another’s trust again, demonstrating how many of us are willing to stand up against that inhumanity. As a child, I actually spent time on a reserve with a neighborhood friend and I am realizing how good these people were to have me there. They really could have avoided bringing the white kid to their inner circle, but these were and still are good people with big hearts. I just really really hope we can start supporting one another and eventually reach some level of decency with one another. Whatever we’re doing now isn’t working...///// Sabrina Justus I have lived in Canada my entire life and was never taught this in school?!!! the government straight up kidnaped kids. EVERYONE should be taught about this.///// POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA