Nadia Comaneci Gymnastics Perfect 10

Nadia Comaneci Gymnastics Perfect 10 Romania’s Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in gymnastics at the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games and became a legend. Now, together with her Olympic champion husband Bart Conner, she is finding a new thrill coaching young gymnasts and helping people in her homeland. These legends made history, but their legacy lives on. Where are Olympic heroes now and how are they inspiring future generations? /// J. Clowers If ever you think of gymnastics you will always think of Nadia. She’s the Bruce Lee for Gymnastics /// Tonino 8 "Nadie como Nadia" or "Nobody like Nadia"that was the slogan on the Mexican press when she got the 10. /// Exolette Till now Nadia still sounds confused on if she got a perfect 10 or not./// Debabrata Acharya What a down to earth person . Humility personified...She should get a Perfect 10 for humility /// Madi D I'm so proud of being romanian because of her, everywhere I go my country is associated to this great woman. I got emotional watching this documentary /// Kitty xoxo Romania remembers and adores you Nadia //// Larry 306 I will never forget that day here in the United States.. Watching on TV I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes.. I still get a warm feeling knowing I seen when she did it on live TV... //// Nadia She was such an inspiration and legend that my dad named me after her //// Diana Spencer She made all 10's in the Olympics...unbelievable. However the true spirit inside of her is also perfect 10's. To hear her story from her is humbling. She defected but when she was able she returned to help those who also need her help in Romania. She is the definition of a true Olympian. ///Love SteveClark I was watching when she received the first "10." I was so in awe of her. I wrote to her and she sent me an autographed photo of herself at Disney World!!! I still have it and I will cherish it forever. /// Kittie kittie Bang bang Seeing her at 6 years old in 1976 completely changed my life /// thorthelionking odinson She's still pretty. I love you nadia! I was one when you scored perfect.//// Leah Jane i was born in '95 and I grew up knowing all about the great Nadia from my mom speaking of her constantly /// Lisa Clark I was a small child when Nadia got a perfect 10 and I’ve never forgotten it. I think I was screaming at the TV and as many little girls at the time, I took classes and tried to become a gymnast but wasn’t very good. It is wonderful that she is still so incredibly humble about her accomplishments. Seeing her and Bart Connor end up together was just perfect and gymnastic royalty. /// Nadia Binford I remember starting gymnastics and when I introduced myself my coach said, "Nadia, like Nadia Comaneci?" It was kind of stressful sharing her name, and being expected to live up to it. Sadly I dont do it anymore, but I still practice and watch her performances. /// Maria Maria Remembered watching her from our living room in a province in the Philippines //// POSTED IN BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA /// peter mr goudas Nadia Comaneci, Gymnastics' ( Perfect 10 ). Peter Goudas Swimming ( Perfect Minus-10 ) GO GOUDAS GO BOOK The Swimming Championship in Kalamaki, Athens Greece, with King Pavlos and Queen Frederica in attendance was progressing well, with lots of excitement. A major change in the schedule was inevitable since the champion, scheduled to swim next, had suddenly become ill. The unprepared replacement was urged on with the chant: “Go! Go! Go! Go Goudas Go!” With his navigation antennae exposed, he finally reached the finish line. It is a comedy beyond imagination.