DOUG FORD FOR PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA /// VS2015 M. Ford at least has the balls to say “I take ownership.” It’s not perfect, it’s horrific, but at least it’s coming to light.//// Albert Clow As much as I used to dislike Ford I have come to appreciate his forthrightness and his determination./// Iwona Bielak He speaks from the heart I hope he keep promise to Ontarians to fix this situation, so sad .//// Bits&Bites I am getting old and all alone. I will commit suicide before ending my life in a long term care facility. Prison would be a more respectable place to die. //// cAtLaDy I sure hope he stands by his word. //// Travis Desrochers Good thing our prime minister is giving billions to illegal immigrants instead of caring for Canadian citizens /// T Check Ok, Doug has got it. How we treat our elderly is a direct indicator of the health of our society. //// Mahdiyah Sumaiyah I visit a good friend in a Government owned facility retirement residence in Mississauga once a month, and at best, it is horrific. We've tried reaching out to Bonnie Crombie and she passed us on to MP's and ombudsmen...all a useless runaround. Cockroaches, dusty vents and radiators, staff that would rather be on their phones instead of addressing residents who need to be fed or have their adult diapers changed, food portions getting smaller by the day and so on are but a few observations I have made over the last 3 yrs of visiting him. If my friend was related to me, I would have him moved out of there YESTERDAY. Service for our aged goes down but price for staying at these homes continue to increase. Long term care facilities need a HUGE overhaul and change. NOW. //// Bri Hatton He's really stepped up, wish Trudeau would be man enough to own up the same way //// Shadow00000000000001 I can't speak to his actions, and I think we need to very careful scrutinize and watch the outcomes of Ford's actions on this issue moving forward. But, assuming he isn't faking it (and I'm not sure he can), it is comforting to see the weight of these issues clearly on Ford's shoulders. We don't have a malignant narcissist running our province—we have a man who feels for those who are hurting and who owns the responsibility for fixing it. I hope he can do it. ///// Tyler Cross Our first premier that actually genuinely cares for his province and it shows //// Carlie Beatty Stay strong mr ford and ministers i thank you and your all doing a great job keep moving foreward god bless ////chris sojka This has been going on long before Ford was elected.//// ZenkaiCast Dragon Ball News & Updates Doug is the best!!! Team Ford all the way!! //// Fabliss Canada If anyone can make the needed changes to be done, this is the man to do it! //// iluvfridays68 Thank goodness that Ford called the military for assistance. The PM initially criticized the action but if Ford didn't, these centers would keep running the same way for years to come. I don't see how anyone can site staff shortages for something like force-feeding to the point that a senior is choking - this is so disturbing. I believe Ford when he says, action will be taken to improve this industry. //// jim twisted Maybe they could get some of the retired teachers doing some work in those homes. //// Allison Marie FORD FOR PRIME MINISTER! //// Kerry Ewen Ford is a good man ! He is doing the best he can ! //// james l I don't think ford failed it's the same in Quebec too . Well said Mr Ford ////Omar Q "I take full accountability for the system that I inherited" Good response. These weasel reporters always looking to point fingers without understanding the nuances of institutions.//// Kazuhira Miller I can't explain how lucky Ontario is to have Ford./// Michelle Ricard I have a new respect for this man //// Sasquatch Thank you Mr. are the man for the job. Thank you for being human. /// jr. readit General input; Every time I watch Mr. Ford,, I'm impressed. Ont. has a good leader..imo.. //// HI bob I am NOT a conservative, but my respect for Doug Ford cannot be overstated. Bless him! /// Ines Restrepo This is probably all over the world happening. not just Ontario, is not Ford's fault. //// TheRazorbass Long term care in Newfoundland is disgusting too. This is a Canadian issue. //// max chapman Well, I have to admit that I was somewhat moved at Ford's emotion. Not as much as I am moved at the shocking stories coming out of the facilities mind you, as that is just heart-wrenching to say the least. People need to be jailed for this, as a Canadian Citizen I demand at least that much, as letting this slide by the way side just cannot happen. People need to held accountable who were in charge of these facilities and who were there day after day and did nothing. /// Deathum think of all the money our goverment wastes "helping" all over the world while having no issues with issues like this effecting actual Canadians ////jim regan Never voted Conservative in my long life...but I believe him. The inhumanity described in that report would shock any decent person...and it clearly shocked the Premier. But the main thing now is to watch and see if genuine reforms of a lasting kind result.////Dawn Kuzio Alberta loves this guy ..he’s sincere you can see it in his eyes //// Philip Jabra We are all very lucky to have Doug Ford as our Premier -- Thank you Mr. Ford for everything you are doing to protect us //// Ian Labelle I'm noticing a backlash against Ford. C'mon people! Would you want his job? From what I can see he is doing the best job he can. /// Shirley S. Mr. Ford there have been many premiers in our province before you. I have no doubt that if any one can fix this it will be you.//// JMart The system is definitely broken. Doug for PM! //// Ronnie Mund thank you for you're service Mr prime minister////Ruth Morales Well they needed to hire full-time Psw and more Psw ///Alain Leveque As a rule I don't believe many politicians but in this I believe him. Patricia Minty I worked in a long term care home, and I have MS. I told all five of my children that I would rather end my life than live in a home. The things I saw a reported made me sick.//// L.A. Skillen Who would have thought that a pandemic would be the best thing to happen to long-term elderly care in this country? This is a black eye for Canada. The people that run these facilities should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. //// ron trulycanadian Ford for Prime Minister......Huge respect for this man //// Ryan Woo I never liked ford but the things he's doing now and the balls at taking ownership are respectable in my books./// Says Who This man has stepped up to the job. Say what you will about the Fords, but I myself am so impressed with how he has manage a very difficult time in the provinces history. /// BG JR SOMEONE, GIVE THIS DOUG A HUG, ASAP! ////