104 year old activist David Goodall’s last days

This Old Man Is Healthy But Wants To Kill Himself |This is the inside story of 104-year-old activist David Goodall’s last days in Europe as he farewells family and campaigns for the right to die, up to his final hour. /// Marion Ambas Its Sad, & hurtfui to us & his family but, i have Great Respect for this Grandpa!! Go Blesshim /// Truth Matters We don't have elderly loneliness in Africa because of the family structure. But I can assure you it's a matter of time. Now every youth wants to go to the big cities, where they usually end up as homeless, to live "American dream".//// lilian stie What is wrong with people so many relatives and he lives alone Why no one could take care of him? Why so sad Shame on the family //// HE LYDIA SANTANA SHOW He probably lived alone and couldn't take the loneliness. Very sad /// MEdZ He even ask them to turn him around so he can face the food. That shows how careless they are to him ///// Manohar reddy katha Rest in peace David. You brought tears in my eyes but I completely agree with your decision.///// winnie kates This is simply not right! What David needed was psychological help to assist him rekindle the small things that brought joy into his life. The fact that he was found on the second day by his housekeeper in the kitchen after a fall implies that he probably stayed alone and maybe that's why he felt detached and unhappy with life. Maybe his family could have done more to show him love and bring out his joy for life by making sure that he continuously had good company. The decision to take once life is not an individual's but God's. Esp not for a centurion who is in good health. I pray for David to have found eternal peace. /// Hassan Kajogoo Rest well David. And may your soul be at peace now. ///// Hassan Kajogoo We know so much about what is wrong or right as long as we are bystanders. We judge based on what? Have you lived for 104 years yourselves? Let the old man rest. He knows best what he needs. //// Janet Stuart A much bigger effort should of been made to find out what could anyone of done to bring back the joy in his life? He so loved feeding the animals and around flowers and being around his grandchildren and his daughter-in-law land. Could not one or all shared taking care of him? He probably had great grandchildren because some of the grandchildren were married. Small children can be such a joy to be around. 104 is just a number, they're tribes that just dont count years, so age is nothing to them. If he was my father, I would of looked after him and showered him with whatever gave him joy, this is so sad because he wasn't Ill but if this was a child or adult, it wouldn't of been allowed. All he wanted was a purpose in life, from the days of feeling lonely? Imagine, he had a fall and 2 days before he was found? So sad, not even then did any of his family step up? Did these children and grand children hesitate in attending to the probate because he definitely wasn't poor? Only God knows? //// Bienvenu Kyabuntu The happiness on living is based on the mission you are carrying I do not regret dying in the morning or evening but by God time and his will //// Sara But I don’t understand why this family they don’t change his mind not to die They are allowing what kind of family what kind of heart? ///// Sharon Almendarez Why? He is healthy smart and over 100! let nature take its course...he still loves animals the countryside, even if he has just a year or less his family should have hugged him! Said they wanted him a little longer//// Hassan Hassan It breaks my heart to see him in this situation may the almighty god has mercy on his soul /// Susu Ali Remember Hes from God He goto God House .He follw God. Hes good man.we Loves youuuuu //// Aruba Aysha I wouldn't want to be around those toxic people either. They are not family. Family doesn't leave you alone. Family is there. Allah please have mercy on his soul. //// Sia T-Toilolo This is absolutely sad I can never let my father or grandfather do this, I believe when God's timing comes for you to die, that should only be the right time. He is so lonely that's why he wanted to end his life..//// Alwiya Alawi The old man publicized his death to get attention ,that he never got from his family as he grew older .He did not spend time with his kids when they were young,he focused on work .You need to realize that his children and grandchildren reciprocated the same type of compassion he showed them growing up. This should be a lesson to parents out there,spend time with your kids despite the busy schedule,tell them you love them always ,if you ignore them at a young age they will ignore you later. //// Christine Page WOW I COULDN'T LET MY LOVE ONES DO THIS , NO WAY. AFRICA WE CARE FOR OUR ELDERS ; WE WORSHIP THEM TO THE END THE OLDER THEY GET.//// POSTED IN https://billboardorg.com/ BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA